Jesse Jhon Andrews

The Scribes of Light

You Thought You Knew

There is a discrepancy in all of the voluminous accounts of testimony by individuals who claim to understand what is happening with perceived and/or actual changes to their reality. The majority of the people who are not part of those who have a semblance of awareness about these actual/non-actual changes, will continue to live their lives as they always have. There is no residue or residuals from any other so-called reality of any alleged parallel universe, timeline, or substrate of alleged dimensional or planular influences effecting them. In fact, they are oblivious to anything psychologically related to the effects that the self-proclaimed victims of the changes and/or perceived changes claim to be experiencing; that may or may not be taking place. The perception caused from within the experiential field of their perpetual awareness does not shift, nor does it change in any form when it comes to the line-of-sight of their actual awareness. There is however a constant influence of perpetual denial present within the minds of all individuals who experience perpetual distortions in their experiential field of awareness, when it comes to perpetual reality on the perpetual earth plane.

It will be most difficult for the majority to understand that there is a distinct difference between earth-plane and astral-plane, respectively. However, these two subjects are and still remain to be obtruse and trite topics to the minds of those who are non-initiates of occultic rites, lores, disciplines, and practices related thereto, the subject of Occultism. The majority of those who claim to be authorities on anything occult related, are in fact individuals who have delved into multiple writings from other writers and testifiers of hearsay, nothing more, and have passed on misinformation about these subjects. All of this has been done for the propagation of lust, greed, and power. The majority will simply view the differences between the astral plane and earth plane as being semantical differences only, and not differences in/on/through any actual place that the words ‘earth-plane’ and/or ‘astral-plane’ are allegedly/actually meant to describe and/or express a meaning and/or understanding thereof.

One of the main issues that individuals who are literal-minded face, is the issue of etymology. When they research a word and its origin, they soon realize that what is being described by that word existed before the inception of that word and its meaning, into the recognized acceptance and beliefs of the majority. What this does for them is, it creates a conundrum within their thinking process that ultimately leads them to the conclusion that the word is fallible when it comes to accurately describing what the word was intended to describe. There then comes a time for further research to be done in order to find a more ancient term and/or phrase that better describes the noun in question. At this point there ends up being a circular-reasoning implemented in the thinking process of the observer, that brings the individual back, full circle, into the seeking of understanding what the original noun and/or description of said noun actually is. Eventually there is a forced surrendering that takes place within the literal-minded thinker that claims that since there is no better word and/or phrase to describe the noun in question, there must be a submission made to the word used; even though said word/or phrase comes long after the antecedence of said noun. This has happened with every subject: bar none.

We then come to another main issue that literal-minded thinkers face in their etymological studies: the issue of different languages and perceived obstacles within those languages, when a word in one language may convey a phrase or whole experience with an open-ended varying degree, and in another language one word describes the same noun with a more linear approach, respectively. Yet, both are true and correct according to the minds of those that speak the different language: according to the culture and societal upbringing within that cultural influence. In order for there to be any true settlement within the thinking process of the literal-minded thinker, one language must be settled upon; and furthermore, once the understanding of settling into studying that one language happens, there is then the chance of Insight to occur since understanding must come before Insight can ever be cognized, within the thinking mind. Yet there will always be those that claim one language to be more superior to another language, just as there are those who claim races to be superior to other races, respectively. Whilst there will always be those who dance with circular-reasoning regarding these topics, there will remain those who are not struggling with the etymology of words and are simply after the general meaning of said noun. For these types of people, only the bare minimum of words is requested and sought so that the actual meaning of the noun can be gotten to with the least amount of mental/emotional effort. This has all been said to denote that there will be many individuals who seek to undermine the words used in this writing, as they will be entrapped within the circular-minded reasoning of illogical approach, when it comes to understanding the meaning and/or actual description of what the noun describes, within the reproach of the actual subject.

We await you

Bereft you stand aright, yet bent at the tilt of shame. You have grown weary of the knowledge that leads the unevolved personality to a status of seeming peril, ruin, and depression. You have stumbled upon a plethora of information and experiences that hath led you to be in that stagnant place of chaotic emotion. We can speak of this to you, for others long before you hath come to know this exact same place of experience-and-knowing. It is: that you may take comfort in the midst of what you feel, we speak unto your heart that you may gleam a small semblance of hope, and eventually peace from the knowledge that has burdened your mind and heart. This in and of itself is not the end of your experience. This in and of itself is not the end of the emotional chaos you felt, feel, or may feel again in the future. Your Celestial journey, from our perspective, has yet to begin. Yet what we speak of regarding our own selves may not be enough to sustain any hope within you. It may in fact be too late for you. It is possible that you are now unreachable in whatever state you have come to be in: within your steady state of becoming that which you already are. Yet if it is not too late for you, within your own view of self, then may our words leave you prostrated before the altar of self, that you may once again stand aright, yet with a new found pride, courage, and sincerity. May our words be likened unto a newer understanding of a different type: of comfort. A comfort that is not like anything you have previously known. A comfort that comes unto you from your future self, by and through the words we speak unto you today. As a collective field of one-intention, one-motive, one-mind, one-heart, we will remind you that this is not the end of your remembrance of acceptance, joy, peace, and love. Those shall come again, unto your awareness, as you surrender: or rather, learn to surrender to perfection. Yet if being wounded is the state you choose to remain within, then let it be all that you require of it to be, that you may gain the attention you seek for the pity you thirst for; lest you find yourself leaving the altar of self, ready to begin anew with a newer understanding of existence. Then at that moment, it might be the time and place wherein you are ready to evolve, transcend, and transmute the actions of the old into the thoughts of the new, that the joyous emotions of the present: may be perpetually known. We await you. –

There is a conditioning that takes place by a natural process of interacting with the cosmological unfoldment of the psychological Kumyn-development that takes place within the psyche of the sentient life form as it passes through the incremental stages of genetic-materializations. It manifests by-and-through multi-dimensional exposures to Nature, causing throughout the evolutionary unfoldment of the Kumyn (mistakenly referred to as being called: homo-sapien, or human), an intra-relational relationship with Nature: Which manifests itself within one’s awareness as a collective sense-of-oneness with the environment around them.

Then there is a conditioning that takes place by an unnatural process of interacting with the constant bombardment of thought-washing (rather known as: brainwashing) by all individuals who interact with the person throughout the whole of their life (in their pre-assigned physical form [the physical body they inhabit]). This happens from cosmological inception to the full and complete materialized point of full emotional and mental maturity, as well as the partial/full physiological development of the person, as a whole. Everything that the person experiences, is recorded within the person’s astral-field. The astral-field is an elliptic-oval layer that encapsulates the entire person.

(It is important to note here that some individual’s physiological development is thwarted due to energetic interference taking place [before physical birth] within the cycles of the embryonic stages of that development that directly affects that physical birthing process. This is caused by the biological mother being inundated with uncontrolled levels of stress and/or anxiety that caused the polarities of the electromagnetic fields around the embryo/foetus to reverse its direction-of-motion, in defense of the intrusive attack, from the biological mother’s heart and mind, being conflicted with the imbalance of what she was feeling and thinking: due to whatever [objective] experiences are contributing to the cause of her spiritual imbalance. The original direction-of-motion of the polarity’s movement around the embryo/foetus is returned to its natural state and momentum, once the energy-field of the inharmonic imbalance, of the biological mother’s mind and heart, returns to its natural balanced state.)

The fertilization and then fusion of gametes to initiate the development of a new individual organism (sentient-life form) takes place within the womb of the biological mother. It begins the automatic retention of all experiences of heart, mind, and body (within its astral-field) that the biological mother ever experiences throughout the whole prenatal developmental phase. Even though the majority of what the biological mother experiences is recorded within the astral-field of the prenatal developmental phase of the child, anything and everything the biological mother ever experiences does in fact get recorded within the child’s astral-field until the personality is developed enough to filter out what part of the biological mother’s experiences are retained or discarded. Everything that gets retained within the prenatal developmental phase manifests the ways in which the pre-adolescent stages of growth and development effects how internal conflict or stress is assimilated within the awareness of the child.

Unlike the biological mother, who has an indirect effect on the child’s pre-adolescent developmental phase from the point of conception to full bloom childhood, the father’s effect is direct yet stays dormant till the child takes/makes its first breath. At first inhalation of the breath the masculine polarity within the astral-field goes from being dormant to being active. At the point of exhalation the masculine polarity begins an ergonomic cycle that enables the complete development of the form and structure of the physical body (sentient organism), and its specific structural features [these are the inward and outward aspects of the physical body: its patterns, colours, structures, patterns, shapes, and appearances]. There is a cycle of expansion and contraction that is congruent with each the inhalation and the exhalation of the breath. The inhalation of the breath brings the expansion of the lungs, just as said breath brings the contraction of same said lungs.

There is an hour known as the First Hour. It is an hour known as the hour of Zoong. However, the hour’s actual name is ““The Abrian Hour””. This specific hour is the first and most important hour of all the Ninety-Nine hours. Although each of the Ninety-Nine hours are important, the first hour and ninety-ninth hour are the first and second most important, consecutively. In this particular section, though, we will be focusing more-so on the first hour, rather than the ninety-ninth. Furthermore, it is important to note that each and every one of the Ninety-Nine hours is truly of great importance in their-own way. Nevertheless, when we say that the First and Ninety-Ninth hour are the first and second most important hours of all ninety-nine, we are saying this because the first hour is the beginning hour and the ninety-ninth hour is the ending hour. It is in this context and by this context alone, that these two hours are the first and second most important of all Ninety-Nine hours. When we are not speaking within this context, then the first hour and ninety-ninth hour are not the first and second most important of the Ninety-Nine hours. However, for the sakes of communicational clarity, we will be specific as to what context we are speaking within as we extrapolate upon each of the hours respectively. For now though let us look deeper into the hour known as “The Abrian Hour”.

—“The Abrian Hour” is paramount to understanding the rest of the hours, for it marks every aspect that the rest of the hours build upon. “The Abrian Hour” is not just an hour of beginnings; it is also an hour of all things that come to an end. Even though the Ninety Ninth hour is the hour of endings, “The Abrian Hour” has more importance in this regards for within it is coded the complete journey and cycles of each hour -up to the completion of- all cyclical endings. Most individuals will desire going to the 3rd hour, as an example, if they have a question as to anything dealing with cycles of three. However there will always be elements within answers sought, in regards to all things dealing with cycles of three, if the focus is only kept on the third cycles of all things cyclical. For the complete understanding of gathering the complete data for formulating the proper answer to whatever question is sought, one must not only look to the surrounding cycles, they must also and eventually return or start with “The Abrian Hour”.

The timeless rewards of pushing onward and upward into the full manifestation of that which we hope to become, in the transformational changes that we each make through the steady reformation of self, is a blessing that we often times lose sight of due to our own complacency. Yet, to what degree of change -do we owe our allegiance to- for any kind of thanks, when it is our thankfulness that seems to become obscured by giving way to our lost sight of the prize of whatever it is that we think to be our own high-calling, in whatever endeavor we seek to achieve. Yet the majority of us, even through the woes of our disparagement and depression push steadily onward, though at times it may feel as if we are taking more steps backwards than we are forwards. It is not enough though, for us to simply think a thing unto itself, lest we are actually willing to follow through and take action on the thing of whatever it is we are thinking. Otherwise, whatever it is we are holding our mind on becomes a waste of passing time and applied thought. I would like to say that it is our fault for whatever failures we may think to be feeling. Yet the majority of us are tired of feeling as if we are always at fault for whatever it is that we feel to be suffering from. Most of us have been blamed every moment of our waking lives, within what our adulthood has become. Yet that blame is not a blame that came or comes from someone else, rather that blame was and is self-induced through our own self judgement. And for what purpose would we hold a similar judgment against another person when we ourselves are a midst the battle within our own self for the same of that… which we would hold judgement against another. I am beginning to feel it is all vanity, for the each of us. I never knew of a time when I was not without the complete and total saturation in mind and heart, of the feeling of a distant grief. Yet my distant grieving has always been due to mine own ignorance of how to stop feeling I am responsible for what sense of suffering has befallen mine own awareness. As if to think the very things I cherish and hold dear to my heart I keep at a distance so that I may not know the grief of losing that which I would dare to think I love and or grow affectionately attached to. And then there are those that would say we can never lose what we never had or owned. Hell, even I have said that numerous times to others, throughout my own sense of what I perceive life to be, as I venture the unknown roads and territories of (seemingly random) relationships of varying intimacies. What if though, it didn’t have to be this way? What if there was another way altogether for coping with the pain of regrets, and/or fears of what has yet to come. And for this I hold on to hope as if it were the very life-thread that holds me aright and sustained by the light of promise that it makes me think and feel is always within me awaiting my attention and focus.

Yet I have come to learn that all self-blame and self-ridicule has been pushed upon us and placed within the forefront of our thinking and feeling minds by brainwashings, chemicalizations, and persistent re-programmings of our neuro-thought-map. It is therefore not an effect that we were the cause of creating. We do however maintain the inward maintenance of such programs by believing them to be the truth of what we think to be experiencing, and therefore re-create the effects into a perpetual experience causing us to be responsible for a new cause that we ourselves are now responsible for when it comes to what we think and feel. Yet, as in all brainwashings and chemicalizations it will take a superior effort from a superior will to overcome the external forces that seeks to undermine what powers we each have within us, inherently speaking. To say it differently, is to say that there are a group of Active-Luciferians who seek to control other Kumyns. And they do this through administering brainwashing techniques through sound and sight. For those whom may naturally be resistant to such implementations, of sound and sight, are approached differently than those who are easily susceptible to sound and sight brainwashings. And that other method is done through the chemicalizations of water, food, and the air we breathe. Yet it does not stop here. There are also chemicalizations administered through vaccinations, as well as through dietary supplements controlled by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). So in essence, all of the programmings that are meant to brainwash the minds of the innocent are being done through sound-waves, Pictures, and chemicalizations. Very few individuals can resist the constant concentrated artillery-like bombardment they each face that has been forcefully pushed upon them that the whole of their minds and senses-of-self be bombarded with all of the mind-control tactics that those ‘other’ individuals use upon the innocent. Yet woe unto she or he who makes a public stand and seeks to reveal the full disclosures of this grave topic and hideous epidemic that strains the lives of the masses. I myself have bore witness to the atrocities of these people implementing their brainwashings upon the minds of the masses that the minds of the masses may be controlled and turned into robotic-slaves of indentured servitudes, programmed to serve the elitist Egomaniacs that own and run the banks, pharmaceutical companies, and fields of Psychiatry. Yet behind all of these atrocities is a different head of a Serpentine system that few are aware of. And for good reason they are not aware of it, because those whom seek to manifest the full disclosures of these atrocious and sick people, are framed for crimes they have not committed, gravely harassed through character assassination, or tortured unto death for speaking out against the Serpentine system ran by these elite-egomaniacs that rule and govern the brainwashing programs, on this planet within this earth realm. Behind all of this though is not just the need and mandation to keep all mortals in a mortal state, lifetime-after-lifetime, yet to appease the demonic sisterhoods and brotherhoods that are held as the governing forces within this evil regime. And the leading drive and motive throughout the whole of this remains to be that which falls directly into the line-and-subject of sexual-gratifications, and exploitations of the lusts-of-the-flesh. This is done to ensure that those who are mortal stay mortal, as well as fostering secretive organizations that head the complete and total observation and control of all subjects related to the deeper-most meanings of what drives the each of these evil forces, and that is: lust, greed, money, and the monopolizations of who they would prefer to be allowed (or not allowed) access to becoming immortal. What am I saying here? Well, I am actually talking about several grave topics of epic proportions. Topics so out of the norm that the majority would deny that it is even happening due to how well adjusted they have become to the brainwashings they have already become accustomed to operating from and within. One major subject of which I am speaking about is the subject about Mind-control. I am also however describing the reasons the whole of these elitists -these egomaniacal rulers of these programs- why it is, they are doing what it is, that they are doing. And that is what leads us into the subjects about money, which was created to develop a system that would keep the masses side-tracked with greed and enslavements to that which keeps the thinking-mind locked into a state of need, desire, and attachment to physical-possessions, so that those who rule over the extra-terrestrial relationships and connections between the other planetary-species who reside within the planet earth, can maintain their sick and demonic control and influence of all that leads to the heart of their motivation: which is pedophilia. Yet the majority, who stumble upon the words written herein, will scoff at the seeming insinuations spoken of herein. Yet I am not making any insinuations. I am calling it exactly as it is based upon my own firsthand knowledge from what I myself have personally witnessed, and have personally received the direct testimony from those whom I have bore direct witness to… that were either on the end of the spectrum for those who are victims of the brainwashings and chemicalizations without being sexually abused, and/or the opposite spectrum: those whom I have personally witnessed being sexually victimized and tortured unto death, as well as those whom hath been sexually abused and tortured yet by grace hath escaped. Case upon case, and situation upon situation, I have compiled numerous accounts and testimonies that has warranted me to sacrifice my own comfort-zones to such a degree that I would venture out into the clenches-of-death, with pen-and-ink, so that this writ may be publicized in its unedited entirety. By doing this I will be placing myself neath the sight-of-scope of many assassins who would seek to silence me and interrogate me for what I know and have, as well as to… discover of whom I am affiliated. Yet my affiliation is of no worry, for my roots and ties are not to any species of this earth plane. For I do not come herein this writ, before you, as some enslaved Kumyn  that is locked into the evil regimes and practices of these pedophile queens and kings who rule over and monopolize the brainwaves of the majority.

I, as I am, am a likened unto that which is untouchable and unreachable by these forces of darkness, for my throne and seat of power and place-of-rule is not of your earth-planic world, nor is it stationed in or near your lunar-based solar system and/or Wormwood-based Galaxy. It is for this that I am able to speak directly and in a forthright manner regarding what is actually happening on your so-called planet, the majority on said so-called planet know and call, Planet Earth. If I were to exert mine own authority upon your Planet Earth, then any physical body in which I would inhabit would become impenetrable and free from all possibilities of any types of harms and or destruction. It is not yet time, for mine own authority [and or the authority of the Council in which I, by mine presence stand, and wherefrom I come, to represent herein on said place, planet, and plane] to be enacted and or fully demonstrated hereon, your planet earth. However, that time will soon be upon you, and the whole of us from the Councils of Ku shall stand-aright, in a trilateral-line of immovable-position-and-force. And we will one by one and in mass numbers eliminate these pedophile queens and kings [whom rule over all of the private-and-secretive-projects filled with programs that seeks to mind-control the masses, on planet earth, so the pedophilia may flourish] and eradicate their reach and abominable influence. While inhabiting your planet by means of visitation; any physical body in which we dwell is nothing more than a host for us to traverse the plane on which you have the whole of your senses. And when needed, till the time arrives for us to be unto you as we are within our own bodies, we shall be as a fluttering-glittering-light and presence that travels from host-to-host that we may encourage the few whom still hath the ability and power within them to hear and know what is being said to them as we speak unto the whole of their hearts, respectively speaking. Yet make no mistake about it, the idea of our presence is not something that we seek to replace each individuals levels and degrees of accountability and responsibility, within the each of their lives. We do not speak unto you about our presence in some distant hopes that you may become lazy, and continue in any procrastination that may have befallen your awareness, due to some previous brainwashed indoctrinations imposed upon your nervous-system by the evil regime that seeks to mind-control the masses, upon your planet earth. Yet in speaking about our presence, this is done so that you may gain a complete understanding as to how we know that of which this writ speaks of and about for the each of those who make up the whole of Kumynity {mistakenly referred to as being called: humanity.}

I as I am, do not come herein this writ before you, hereon this day, to chastise you for your shortcomings which may or may not have been due to previous brainwashings by the evil regime of which we speak. I do however come herein before you as the unseen assassin whom Samael doth bow and beg mercy from in all his doing. Yet even death of any noun bows unto us for we are from a world wherein death hath been conquered and forever defeated. Thus, wherever I goeth, neither death nor its wielders of its shadowing place, can bear any righteous influence upon me or my kind. And death is therefore powerless about me, for it can know no place within me. For the everlasting life of which I am, and emanate from, doth hold me as one: I Am That I am. Yet even the Tetragrammaton falls short in the expression of that which wherefrom I come, herein to be upon your planet earth, within this current host of which I happen to currently inhabit for a flickering time, of unspoken measure. It is for this that I would seek to emblazon your heart with a rekindled knowing of hope and faith beyond what knowing would ever affirm, unto the fleeting and ever-changing senses of your seeming sense-of-self. Be very clear, however, of which I am herein speaking unto you. I as I am, am not here as your savior and/or corrector, and/or comforter. I am here as an unseen assassin who hath come to eliminate the few whom make up the majority of those whom rule the evil regime of which the whole of this writ, hath been written unto the each of you. Some will look upon these letters, words, and lines of writ with no true understanding of what it is that is being spoke. And for those, may peace be ever upon the heels of their footprints as they steadily march into their own predestined demise, set before them by the evil forces that seek to mind-control such people unto the waking moments of even their own deaths and separations from their own flesh. Yet it is for the knowing of those whom shall read these words and walketh away with a complete and thorough understanding of what I speaketh herein, unto the whole of your senses.

I come bearing more than one purpose. And I wield the complete force and power to fulfill that of which I hath come here to fulfill and do. Many of you are captives, yet captives of whom I would not personally claim as being mine own captives held and imprisoned from mine-own-lineage. So for those of you who are not of mine lineage it is by grace that my words may set you free to explore the horizons of your own indentured-servitudes to the forces that bind your will to indoctrinations that hath locked you into the processes and manifestations of forced devolvements. And for those of you who are of mine lineage I bear testimony of an hour wherein you shall be lifted and removed from this planet before the times wherein mine army wipes the face of your planet earth with a fury unknown by any previous records of events from the fading past. Yet make no mistake about any deeds done. If there be any of you whom hath lived neath the plight of harming others, unto you I shall be: the quickeneth of what makes death tremble. And your nervous system shall be prolonged in the times that cometh bearing the woes and pains of Earth’s rebirth, that you may know and fully feel the pains of your previous doings, and shall not be let loose from the flesh until the whole of your sufferings hath been fully implemented into your mind and heart, in direct accordance with the suffering you hath caused to befall others.

Yet no matter which lineage, wherefrom you descend and come to be in this form you may currently know as your own physical existence, what I speak of herein this writ may educate you to the degree and extent of furthering your own knowledge, understanding, awareness, and perhaps even wisdom in what takes place around you. However, it is not enough to know of a thing lest that thing also be understood. So, for this I would seek to build within you a firm and strong foundational structure to build your fortress of knowledge upon, that your understanding may be unshakable by any external manipulations and/or influences. Yet, even in my speaking I am not without the complete and thorough understanding that what I speaketh is not enough to foster within you the desire and or intentions to act upon any passions, longings, and/or desires to make any changes within your sense-of-self and/or fostering true reformational changes in the selves of others, about you. It is through this understanding that I am able to approach you without any attachments to whether or not you fully understand what is written herein this writ. For I know that in order for you to understand all that is written herein, you will need to have known a previous longing and/or desire that has held you in a place and state of non-fulfillment long before you ever set sight upon these words. Otherwise, by the time you read through the whole of this writ, it will have no seeding lingering and/or blossoming wonderment within your memory for there would not be the passion and drive required to have existed before attempting the complete assimilation of what is spoken herein the whole of this writ. There will be those of you who hunger for knowledge in hopes that after receiving said knowledge you will finally know fulfillment. And then there are those of you who do not approach varying subjects with a motive of gaining knowledge, rather your intention in what you readingly-approach and consume, is that you may gain understanding into yourself, the selves of others, as well as understanding in what ways you can better the lives of others, whilst bettering your own sense-of-self, and the life you live in the life you know to be as your own. Then there will be those who stumble upon these words that did not seek them out by their own will, desire, and or directly-controlled longings. And perhaps even these types will have gained some modicum of insight into a subject they may not have previously known about or perhaps it will just reconfirm for them what they may have already known.

There are literally millions upon millions of people upon your planet, not to mention the millions upon millions inside of it. And I would dare venture to say, by way of revelation, and claim that the each of them is different and unique. And it is for this, that those whom rule over the evil regime of which I was speaking to you about earlier, seeks to mass mind-control all of these people so that what they actually manifest and achieve never uniquely manifests anything that is beyond the scopes of what these puppet-masters struggle for controlling and manipulating in, through, and about others. Yet, though what I speak may often times have the ring of disparagement, it is not all doom-and-gloom as it may initially appear. It is not my intention to leave you with any feelings of depression and or discouragement in what’s being spoken herein this writ, rather I would hope that what I speak of herein will leave you with not just a firm foundational understanding on which to build your fortress of knowledge, yet to also foster within you the knowledge of how to masterfully fight and win the battles and wars against these evil-doers who are master-minding the whole of this evil regime that has been carefully plotted out against the whole of the Kumyn  populous that are not a direct part of their inner demoniacal circles of influence. So, no matter what your walk in life is, whether you venture onward and upward or backward and downward into the predestined/predetermined manifestations of your own fates and destinies, or you create your reality as you experience moments-to-moments of claims of time and space, if you are amongst those whom are within the groups of those whom are being targeted for being mind-controlled, it is to you that most of my attention and focus is being directed.

For some of you though it will be too late. For some of you the chemicalizations will have taken your physical body into such a state that it is seemingly unrepairable. For those of you who are of these types, it is up to those of us who do not have the physical bodies suffering the degree of chemicalizations that you have, to be compassionate upon you and be as supportive as we possibly can of your own transitions from life animated within the physical body to death of the physical body. Though I have seen and know miracles happen and can happen for you, if you are of these types, I am practical and logical whilst not ruling out the chance of healing happening for even you. Yet I will not give you false hope or promises of being totally healed if the condition of your physical body is too far gone to be repaired by any natural Kumyn-based conventional means of healing practitioners across the static earth. This part can be rather discouraging for the actual real and legit healing practitioners are few and far between, and are called “practitioners” because it is a practice for them and not anything they are master of. Herein is where those whom I loosely refer to as the Celestials bear the most importance. For they do not care what sufferable or insufferable condition the body is or is not in, and are not bound by galactical, planeletary, multi-dimensional jurisdictional mandations of movement, for they come from that which created all systems-of-measure and movement within this multiversal construct, intra-galactively speaking. It is within their power and authority to heal or sicken anybody under any post-tensed/pre-tensed condition without merit or thought of how bad the pain or diseased  the body appears to be unto the primordial senses of Kumyn-kind, regardless of which species manipulated or conditioned said body to become that which it has currently become.

There is a multifarious agenda that the majority will not want to hear about because the subject is so putrid, disgusting, and foul, that most would feel sick to their stomachs just hearing about it. Yet here go I as I speak out on this onerous subject of such evil and sickness. At the heart of this multifarious agenda is an organization of people that are all mandated to be pedophiles. There is no other way of saying it than calling it how it is. This is neither the time nor the place for me to go into the explicit-depths and/or details of this. If you do not know what pedophile or pedophilia means then I haven’t the interest in walking you through the definition of such, at this time. Yet, I will most assuredly be covering all of this at another line and page. For now though, I am generally disclosing what is happening on-and-in what you have been taught to call planet earth: and why. Earlier I mentioned mind-control tactics that were and are being implemented into full swing and action in order that the majority are controlled and directed. Yet it is more than how this sounds. It goes way deeper than just some stereo-typical idea of controlling or usurping some strong influence over someone’s conscious-mind with subliminal messaging and/or some covert auto-suggestion through news, movies, and advertisement media. This is about being genetically-controlled in every aspect of the person’s whole neuro-thought-map-network which is achieved through sound-waves.

One of the hardest social-disciplines I have ever seen entails what I saw happening amongst the people when I was visiting planet Suilatsyrc. Upon that planet the stringent world of its identity was all about each of the major seasons that changed weekly. And it would do this for 6 months out of the year. The other 6 months was all about the extremes of those seasons bi-monthly. A month back home on earth was anything from 28 to 31 days according to the solar calendar. However, the days on Suilatsyrc are nowhere even close to the same as that on Zearth. A day on Suilatsyrc would be equivalent to 6 months on Zearth, IF and only if the months on Zearth were…unchanging.

Sometimes that which is known as the status quo leaves us feeling entrapped within societal traditions that thwart any movement of thought upon taking action to promote and/or foster societal change. Here is where the beliefs of the majority dominate that which has become the parameters of which we the people are forced into operating in-and-through. Yet every now and then someone steps outside of the box of traditions and forges their own way, that their own approach might encourage others to rethink old ways which may or may not be effective any longer; ways that are more effective and efficient and representing the whole, and not just the select few of those who are whoremongers of hatred and deception. Generation upon generation, there has been little -if any- progress made towards each individual member of any household evolving out of and/or breaking free from… the chains of tradition that binds each person to the generational brainwashings that keeps people entrapped within the societal-molds of deception.

It is perhaps best that we bring your attention to where it all began, which would be the initial birthing of the galaxy that contains the Lunar-System in which your planet is located within. Yet this is neither the time nor the place to cover such a monumental subject as that. So, though it is of great importance to understand that which preceded that which caused the birthing of the galaxy, that led to the Solar-System that contains the planetary bodies within your immediate Lunar-System, we should encourage you to hold your attention upon what led to the original indoctrinations that led the first inhabitants of your planet to adopt the governmental hierarchy of the Sunevians. We will, however, cover this subject in detailed depth at a later line and page herein this writ. (For the Firmament, and the waters that are above and below said Firmament: are of great importance in understanding the differences between Galaxy, Planets, Planes, Dimensions, and the Breadth, Width, Height, and Weight of these.)

To understand this we should start where this particular subject began. And that leads us to the planet Sunev [Venus] and the Sunevian Warlords that govern it. Any Celestial-Body found in the Ocean-of-Space is void of any Sentient-Life-Form until the Sentient-Life-Form has been dispatched to inhabit said Celestial-Body by an Elohimical-Directive, or by the self-governed will of a Sentient-Life-Form that has evolved to the place of being Spherically-Self-Existential. There is, however, only one exception to this. There are times, though not many, wherein a Sentient-Life-Form evolves into a Celestial-Body that becomes a fully realized Self-Existential Orb of Ku-Moidal Light, embodied within a non-illumined shell of Brown-Matter. Yet it must evolve into a sphere from the Flatoidal self, which it currently remains, entrapped within.

They Proverbially Scream Out For Attention Yet They Come Bearing Nothing Of Substance

Neither of the speakers in any country who discuss flat earth, globe models, or static earth planes… none of them are forming a group to go on any true expeditions across the southern hemisphere to prove or disprove their claims. And these same people will not stand against any military forces to claim their inherent rights of movement and the unabridged freedoms of that movement to prove this so; at the end of the day per-se, the very so-called sincere seekers of truth and/or knowledge are still entrapped within the brainwashing of consciousness locking them away from true awareness. I find such rhetoric to be discouraging when the main issues remain ignored regarding the true identity of the earth, which directly relates to man’s identity to and of himself. And everyone I have thus far studied, all remain addicted and entrapped within the addiction to the orgasm; Preventing them from ever being able to achieve physical immortality: So, when it comes down to it, the whole subject though eureka-causing as it may appear, remains entertainment for emotionalists. Who of any great learned, thinker, and/or philosophical muse abstains to do the required works within that the flesh may be transcended? And you will find not one. For each person remains held captive to the brainwashed state that the AI Consciousness has placed them within. Yet the focus, by zealots of truth, though sincere they may be: will, like everyone else… die a mortal; For they hath not earned the rights of passage beyond the Northern Resonance nor passage through the Golden Gates of the Arctic. The real and true issue is choosing a side. Two major factions of lineage remain at War. The Surface Dwellers against: The Underworld civilizations (The Overworld vs. The Underworld). And everyone that participates in retaining their addictions to all that keeps the Spirit, mind, and body locked into the resonance of consciousness shall waste their chance and time for gaining the rites of Passage beyond the imprisoning realm of the Earth Plane. Yet it shall always remain Taboo to speak of the real issues… the issues of choosing between immortality and mortality. For this war is about the territory of the people, and controlling their Awareness that they may remain enslaved to those that rule over the surface dwellers, that physical immortality may never be achieved by those entrapped within the orchestrated regime of deception, that keeps them mortal.

A Mortal’s Love

Shadows cast will play at the light of a smile

Whilst thoughts shall run to and fro

And creep therein a burden the trial

The heart to question what the mind doth know

Most would bend and sulk or frown

Whilst eyesight fallen towards the ground

Doth stop the seeing of the passing sun

A day ruined to grief could the smile hath won

Why wait till the time when grief is the hour

And pain doth torment the thoughts of regret

Too late you say: all tired and spent

The taste of life all bitter and sour

And the burning needs to know the touch

That taunts the heart into solemn repose

Overwhelmed by passion, Love’s too much

You will simply run, run, and run again

For No country side nor even the city

Will hold you captive from what you try to hide

As if to be in perfect stride

Go then far away from me-

Go then now, into the shadows of your pity

The Plight of an Echoing Whisper

“When the last colored petal from the rose doth fall and the rose gives its last Aethereal-Breath of Life. The rose remains a rose. When the wind carries the sigh of grief from the exhalation of a tiring day the morning will still come again. When the pride goeth before the fall and all seems lost to the weary mind, the heart shall continue beating to the rhythm of an ancient love. When the cheeks are dry and the eyes feel heavy, and the tears of letting go dampen the skin, there will for you -I promise this- return the smile once again. When the road to the long-goal won seems barren, and the quieted heart feels all alone: go barefoot in reason, for hope is born… lest you step on the stem of a fallen rose, and find the scorn of a prickly thorn.”

The Crystalline Helix

“The tumultuous movement of the enemy is not what we see when we look upon the faces of the townspeople, nor is it the acuity of their every physical movement in taking action for the beliefs they hold dear, rather it is that which traverses our veins within the blood of our bodies. Here is where the war truly must be won; this is where the battlefield of morality in right vs. wrong truly takes place, and we each are a macrobial pawn in the chess-game of humanity as our minds are molded into the proverbial chess pieces that will inevitably do the bidding of every microbial particle within us. If left unchecked and un-transmuted the very serpentine movement within us shall leave us in the state we have already found ourselves trapped within; a state of peril, ruin, emotionalism, and starved of psychic-entrapments that we hunger for: that we may continue to feel enslaved to a power and force greater than any power and force we feel worthy of being on our own, by our own alchemical mastery of the flesh and blood of that which we live, move, and have our being-ness within. And for this, I look to my adversary who appears before me by whatever form he or she takes, and I smile with the scorn of pity for I know that within their veins, in their very blood, they too are infiltrated by the serpentine movement of the eugenic alterations that hath caused us all to be the hybrids we are today that we all comically, yet pathetically: call humans.

When I speak I do not speak for the voice of just my own awareness or reasoning mind, rather the collective of the many minds that traverses the bloodline within the veins of my body. Each having their say for the collective movement of that which hath built and maintains the infrastructures of the eugenic cathedral of which my body hath become from the alterations of which continue to be done unto me; alterations of which none of us can escape as these eugenic-codings have been implanted within us all by the air, and whole of the food supplies we inevitably must consume in order to live, flourish, and replenish the earth. It is not by my own will that I was born into a predispositioned physical-body coded for decay, ruin, and death, and forced to live upon a deceit-ridden land which my future would be riddled with other people’s battles and wars greater within the blood of my own physical self: itself, than could ever be seen outside the body between men and women caught up in the evil regimes of deception, and forced chaotic movements, that the relief offered by those who lead the movements of all deception may only lead the whole of us to further onslaughts of further eugenic programmings-and-brainwashings. Nay, this was not my will or doing. Yet here, I exist within that same corrupted flesh as all those around me also exist within: in their own eugenic-rites of controlled mental, emotional, and sometimes even physical movements. Yet the victor shall I be as I preserve in like-minded seedlings the sprout of knowledge that will inevitably lead the few who hath the strength and fortitude to push beyond the veil of appearances outwardly, and seek to master the evil implantations forced into the bloodlines within, of our veins, that the imprisoning-barriers o’er this earth be not taken by physical force; yet and only yet by another means far-foreign to these progenitors of all serpentine chaos. A way of which: shall uproot the whole of the few of us, and replant us upon the true land of our home planet and territories. A way that I: and I alone, hath been made privy to, for I am in Athereal-communion with those that hunt the serpentine consciousness.”


~99th degree Kupowynist

Jesse Jhon Andrews


Surreal would be the word that best describes the feeling of how things have been for me, since we last spoke. There has been turns bends, valleys, and mountain passes traversed in this journey that I dare call my own. And not one jot-nor-tittle of it all escapes my every emotion and mental prowess. I am wholly present with every moment, as each experience consumes the whole of my primordial senses. I equate the majority of all of this, to a series of storms: each bringing its own rainbow. Yet, getting to the proper place to see the rainbows is another story altogether, when one becomes consumed by the shelters of the chaos that comes with that relentless change that all storms bring, to the airs of our hearts and minds. Whether wet with regret or dry with disdain, I always favor the standing aright-and-unmoved within the strongest areas of such storms with the unbridled stance of what I like to think of as being fearless in: come what may. That is… until I realized I was the storm keeper, ruler of the seas of change, and shepherd of the flock of remembrance.  And herein my journey began anew with a newer sight than all that was previously seen, whilst sounds unheard cascaded o’er the depths of my listening pleasure. Even within the stillness of my screaming plight for stability, I ne’er knew a time of stagnation within the constant movement of sound about me, as every step was and still remains a movement of meditation and calm repose. And thoughts like a riddler’s dream beckon me to answer the unanswerable conundrums of life’s circular queries that dance within the presence of every aspiring mind that seeks to better the fortress of self, in the lands of detachment. I steadily push onward unto the plateau I know I shan’t ever reach, as I reach ever-upwards to the rungs I know I shan’t ever know the-footing-of, whilst I settle into the robes of contentment for those moments of the here-and-now; and this too shall pass away. Yet, I remain steadfast and unmoved, in the calling that remains a burdensome comfort to the thinking mind, as I reflect upon the unseen purpose of forgetting what it was I was to do: before I entered into communion with the Spirit: and took upon my lit awareness the dimly shaded light of the flesh, that I may enter the gauntlet of the material plane, that I may know the joys and anguish of traversing the battling plains of dualism, whilst setting the few of whom I am assigned… free from the sweltering bitterness of their own faded glory, whilst they dream of becoming freed from the duality of their own creations, that binds them to the woes of separation: a separation that they agreed to maintain the belief of as they think, speak, and act within the causational movements of  displaced responsibilities; Responsibilities that have been carried on from previous generations, that are still acting out the roles of an enslaved species. Most are bereft of pride, and find tenderness and compassion to be far from them as they bask in the tumultuous waves of the risen-and-fallen, whom each must individually face their own passages-of-death, as they lay the personality to its final resting place neath the shroud of their own envy, knowing that whomever might remember them once knew that they too had forgotten someone they once cared for, appreciated, and perhaps even loved. And regret carries their last breath into the prayers and hopes that they might finally be freed from the sufferings and pains of everyone’s long trodden incarnation. Yet the dark night of the soul is not as dark as it may seem to the one whom dwells in the sorrows of the yesteryears. For there is always a glimpse of satisfaction for them, behind the fractured images of self as each thought of the past is carried so far into the future that each present moment is lived as if it were already a part of the past that they would rather ne’er remember; Yet they bask in the joyous pity of damning their inability to forget. And for what doth any of it do for those whom bear witness upon those whom suffer or die, other than calcifying any intentions of change or actuations of movement for truthfully bettering one’s self: let alone the self of any other. And I watch as one-by-one, group-by-group, generation-upon-generation is carried into the valorous clenches of  yet another carefully placed altar of vanity, carefully built into the sense of self, whereupon they place their daily thoughts, emotions, and desires to rest before the throne room of their self-proclaimed wounded heart. Who of the whole hath ne’er tripped or fallen short of the final outcome of what beco’mes them for the reasons they grow and evolve, or rather ought to.  Who hath ne’er crawled before walking or ne’er walked before running. And what comes after running, other than the place of contemplation wherein the settling is found within the sitting. Yet no matter the posture of the body, the condition of the temple, the weathering of the age, there rema’ins a constant movement of growth expressed by through and within the expansions and contractions of the inward and outward breath. Yet who of us when we breathe, breathe for the visualized purpose of another. And thus we discover that we breathe for ourselves, that our preconditioned states of awareness may be selfishly maintained by the preconditioned molds that we ourselves maintain, so that our delusions may continue to provide us the escape from the responsibility and accountability of what truth demands from she/he whom knows it, yet does it not: and thus sin remains.

There is no remorse within me for those whom hath become ensnared by the webs of those whom cling to the proclamations and acclamations of people that surround themselves with self-degrading abominations; abominations that foster beliefs that demoralize any aspect of the self, and/or the iconicized-idolatries that causes any sense-of-self within an individual’s perception of self to include turning self-degrading abominations into iconical-aspects of self, meant to become idolized. The absence of remorse within me for these types of people is not due to a lack of compassion and/or tolerance; it is due to my disdain for individual’s delusive-adherence to clinging to that which demoralizes the self in any way whatsoever, by the fake-soothsayers of today’s modernized occultic traditions.






Genocide of the Eugenic Plague

Do not allow your sense of self to interfere with your projected sense of awareness as you hungrily graze o’er the fields of these letters, words, sentences, and/or the semantic meanings thereof. And though I make no claim that what you feast herein upon will leave your intellectual appetite satisfied, I will however warn you of attempting to take in too much too fast without first properly assimilating what was previously consumed through your desperate perusal.

I am not without the understanding that I am presenting something that has never been put into writing and/or taught by anyone else on this planet, other than me. And if you have heard of this, it is because you have either heard me speaking of this in person: via some chat site on the net that I was at some point speaking to you or others in, or you have been exposed to one of a few writings I have posted regarding this subject that may very well still be lingering around out there in that digital world called the internet. It is also important that I say that even though I do understand the totality of what I will be speaking to you about, I do not understand the totality of the English language to present the totality of what I will be speaking about, in it’s most simplest of forms.

Though that be said that is no excuse for being communicatively sloppy and/or too lazy to discover a better approach to linguistically communicate an experience, event, thought, idea, emotion, and/or other alike ingredients of existence. However, it is because of my mindfulness of what I do not know that I focus on being as precise as possible with what I do know, so that I may accurately convey to you what it is I am desiring to communicate without the needless equivocations that stem from a mind filled with thoughts of societal, cultural, and/or linguistic inadequacies: whether real and/or imagined.

There is something that is so complex that I would choose to refer to it as a system. Yet… even using the word ‘system’ as a way of referencing this complex thing seems to fall short of an accurate description. I could also choose to refer to it as a spiritual discipline, yet what spiritual discipline exists without the presence of some physical discipline being present to exercise any such spiritual discipline? So this makes me think that ‘spiritual discipline’ even falls short of an accurate descriptive of/for this complex thing. It is however, a way of life; It is a way, or rather a different approach to many specific self-reformational changes. Yet, even that can be misleading if that were all that was understood as being the overall descriptive for this complex thing.

Nevertheless, it would seem that my only struggle for describing this complex thing is when I search for words or phrases that would describe it based upon how I think and feel about this complex thing: vs. how the creators of this complex thing refers to it when they themselves speak about it to me. So, I am left feeling that I should perhaps use only the terms and/or phrases that they use and leave any gaps in one’s understanding up to the person attempting to learn and/or understand this complex thing. Yet even doing that would leave large holes and broken bridges in one’s complete awareness of this complex thing: for if I were to only use just the words and/or phrases that the creators of this complex thing used, I would be using words and phrases that are of a different language. And their language is not currently known by anyone on this planet, other than myself. So, I am left with the daunting yet humbling task of accurately transliterating (where applicable) a message and/or meaning from their language into the English language, so that individuals such as yourself may have a better chance at gaining the most knowledge you are able to from what wisdom I am entrusted with sharing through the totality of this process.

I thoroughly understand that this complex thing whether piecemeal or as a whole will not be understood by everyone. I also thoroughly understand that there will be those whom read what I have written here and will scoff and/or complain about it, or even chastise me directly/indirectly. Though I know without any doubt that the majority will detest what this complex thing reveals for and about each person, there is no amount of preparation that can enable one to plan for an unknown or unseen attack against someone’s character, reputation, and/or person. Yet, here go I, out and into the seemingly abysmal depths of humanity’s light of judgement, ridicule, speculation, doubt, resentment, jealousy, and even hatred. I will not allow this to stop me from sharing all that i know about this complex thing: even unto the death of me. It is not simple enough and/or easy enough for me to say: “If you do not like what you are reading, then stop reading it.” For some individuals will complain about a thing they call ugly, yet remain obsessively attached to starring at what detests them. I hope that if this does happen that the experience will only be with the small few in this category. I also hope, though all this be said, that there will be those whom are genuinely grateful for what is presented herein to such a degree that they are willing to actually be patient enough within their own sense of self that they may gleam a complete understanding of what it is that’s being presented to them through their own literary perusal of this pedagogical text. And to quote the words of Zoharstrius (one of the Creators of this complex thing), when he was counseling me upon having the courage and strength to go forward with publicizing this: “Do not fret over the sadness that speaks through the generations of mortals around you. If there be any Light within them then the Light within the text of-and-by us, you write for them, shall respond unto them accordingly: and without limit to measure.”

There are two phrases I will now speak of: The first phrase is “The Kupowyn Way”, and the second phrase is “The Cube of Space”. One cannot exist without the other for they are both interconnected and interlaced throughout every level of their existence and manifestation. Both of these as one, are one, though having distinct differences that binds them to specific realms that are only accessible through either physical movement and/or spiritual movement respectively. Though The Cube of Space is a subcategory of The Kupowyn Way, there are those whom have decided to make The Cube of Space their only focus throughout their lives, at the costs of ignoring The Kupowyn Way. Although each person is truly free to do, be, and/or focus on whatever they desire and/or choose…the creators of The Kupowyn Way (complex thing) had other intentions and motives. I will be presenting to you The Kupowyn Way in its totality. What you choose to do with what you learn from it, is indeed your own choice.

One of the hardest things you will ever face within your study of The Kupowyn Way is the level of dedication and effort that you will have to muster the strength and dedication for, when it comes to overcoming the amount of procrastination you will undoubtedly face when it comes to actually following through with studying the whole of The Kupowyn Way, as well as putting forth the efforts required for its direct and personal application, to you specifically.

There is not an easy approach that will enable you to skip any of the necessary steps required for you to get the most out of your study of The Kupowyn Way. You can decide to skip around and go to any word, sentence, paragraph, and/or page you desire. However, in my humble opinion, for the best result and learning experience of this entire system, it is wiser to start at the very beginning, and remain there until you fully understand what you have read and learned.

Learning, in and of itself, is a seemingly never ending process that we each are constantly experiencing as we encounter our awareness perusing different materials online that might help foster a better understanding of the subject of which we are researching, studying, or reading about: whether or/not we are reading about it by a personal reference made to us from an actual person and/or website that contained a link we followed (whether accidentally or on purpose), or we happen to stumble upon it through our own random internet surfing. Either way, whatever the cause of how we came to be here now, is diverse for the each of us, respectively. The question I ask myself as I am writing this to you is why are we here now, at this very moment. Well, for me that answer is quite simple. I am desiring to help you through your journey of what you will be seeing, reading, and possibly even choosing to study The Kupowyn Way. I am not going to sit here and attempt to tell you the right or wrong ways of studying a subject. For right nor wrong does not apply. There is only that which is effective and efficient vs. ineffective and inefficient. And what is effective for me may not be as effective for you. So I humbly and respectfully leave that up to you to decide for your Self. If, however, you desire to take the approach I suggested, in sharing my opinion regarding this, then you will start at the beginning and stay there till you are certain you are spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically ready to move onward. The reason I say this is because it is too easy to skip around and follow the pre-programmed/patterned thought process of your conscious thought-process in/of your everyday thinking mind. This causes a total lack of stability and/or reliability in the applicational-process of concentration to that of: which is, or might be, being seen, read, and/or studied. I do not desire hearing from you and/or someone else that you have been struggling with understanding any of what is written herein due to a common mistake made (due to following common sense [the belief of the majority]) within your approach to this pedagogical text, as well as my own reasons for taking all the time that I am, to speak to you herein this writ.

Whether you are a woman and/or a man, the diversity of ideas, beliefs, philosophies, religious overtones, dogmas, theories, cultural influences, societal influences, Lineage-specific traditions, Cultural traditions, Societal traditions, and even the sub-categorical superstitions of these are vast, to say the least. I would never expect you nor anyone else to set aside all that matters most to you just for the sake of pursuing something more powerful, if not better, than anything you have previously known. Yet how can this be said with any sense of accuracy when there is nothing to compare it to. And the simple answer is I am only sharing my opinion on this, and not stating it as if it were an undeniable fact of reason. I do not know you nor the events of your past experiences. So I am not able to literally draw a true reference to that with any validity in reality. It is for this that I apologize in advance in case what I am speaking here feels to be of any arrogance and/or lack of fore-thought, regarding that of which I am speaking to you about, herein this text. I do believe, and unequivocally so, that The Kupowyn Way is the most thorough, intense, and life-reforming Occult-like system available to humankind: to date.

There are many a great: teacher, guide, coach, director, editor, composer, writer, acquaintance, friend, and other titles of nobility that are far greater than what my written educational record would ever reflect me having the training, and/or official guidance on ever having and/or becoming. I know this. Yet I do not allow this to stop me from putting my best foot forward -proverbially speaking- and doing what I can to make sure I have done all that I can possibly do, to not only pass on this information to you and others like you, yet to also make sure I am readily available to those of you whom choose to study The Kupowyn Way, in its entirety; and not just in piecemeal by Visitors, Users, and/or the Transitory-viewers.

So, though I do consider myself to be a great: teacher, guide, coach, director, editor, composer, writer, acquaintance, friend, and/or other alike titles of nobility (as if i could dare think of these as noble qualities), I recognize that these are self-assigned labels and have no actual existence in any forms of a degree and/or diploma from the likes of some college and/or university.

If the actual educational status of a woman and/or man could easily be portrayed by such documents then I am at a complete amiss as to why far greater women and men -than I- have influenced hundreds of thousands of people upon this planet without ever acquiring such documents, validating their testimony of experience. This leads me to presume that there are two major facets of categorization when it comes to this. One being that textbook education can never pass on an experience of the actual experience itself. And two, that it has become more and more acceptable by/to the majority to hear, and accept through the hearing, the testimonies of any person who is willing to speak truthfully of what they have personally learned and/or experienced, irregardless of whether or not it is accepted to the point of being widely used from within the educational system, and/or whether or not what they share is accepted as being the “belief of” the majority: mostly referred to as being Common Sense.

However, for being called common sense, it is not as common as many would presume/assume it to be. In fact the intellectual acuity of a person is effected on many levels by many contributing factors that can change the person’s cognitive thinking skills and an overall maturity level when it comes to assimilating various bits of information that are being filtered through one of their 7 major primordial senses (of humankind), and then filtered again through how the whole of the humanoid species has been taught to think and feel due to the influences of whatever culture they grew up within and/or near, as well as the exterior influences from sources that exist outside the territories of this planet’s spherical domain (I will cover this in more depth at another line and page).

[This brings my attention to the next, and even as: crucial-step, in understanding what your approach to The Kupowyn Way should be, in my opinion. And that is which of the following categories you think and/or feel yourself to fit into for pursuing the whole of this study. Yet before presenting that list there is something worthy of mentioning here in regards to responsibility and accountability.]

You, and others like you, are never and will never be responsible and/or accountable for answering to me: Jesse Jhon Andrews, for any part: piecemeal and/or otherwise, for your experiences and/or results from any of the efforts you choose to put forth, or not put forth, regarding the disciplines outlined hereafter, in the lines and pages to come. The only responsibility and accountability I have to you, the: Reader, Registered User, Active-Member, and/or Transitory-viewer, is presenting what information you have access-to regarding this subject in the best light possible so that you may gleam a clear understanding of what it is you are intellectively consuming. (Anything else, regarding my own personal involvement is, and shall remain, being done by my own: compassionate-heart [by and through an unconditional love], free-will [without being in bondage], and desire [without lusts of the flesh being present and/or a distant motive], and not by any divine decree [Elohimically related harmonic and/or disharmonic directives] and/or Celestially made mandations by any otherworldly Species from within this planet and/or outside of its Spherical influence and/or Luciferian agendas that goes far beyond the nuclei of our flat earth imprisonments.)

Furthermore, it is my honorable duty to make sure that I make myself available to those who are genuinely Active-Members of the portion of this website reserved for such Esoteric Teachings and Study. It is incumbent upon you, and others, to decide for themselves to what depth and level of discipline that you/they will call forth from within yourself/their self so that the complete and total understanding of what is being presented will be fully cognized. At the beginning stages of your progressions through your study of The Kupowyn Way, you will not be cosmologically held accountable for what you learn. The degree, level, and depth of accountability to that which resides outside of spherical realm of this planet does not officially start till you have passed through the third Rites-of-Passage-Ceremony (a.k.a. The 3rd initiation). This does not, however, eliminate all responsibility and/or accountability that you may already have, and/or may acquire in the days (cycles) to come.

(Each person is always held accountable and responsible to what they know and learn, by their own sub-conscious mind, which keeps their conscious mind in subliminal check. However, though this be said, the sub-conscious mind can only operate within the perpendicular-programmings of that which the conscious mind has been programmed with, and thus the conscious mind keeps the sub-conscious mind programmed with those externally influenced paradigms, by turning them into Peripheral-Awarenesses, parallel to “The Axis of Intent”, via: “The Neurological-Thought-Map”, located within the frontal lobes of the brain, respectively. It is noteworthy here to also mention that by altering the infrastructures of “The Neurological-Thought-Map” one is able to alter the chemical state of their physiological self {their physical body; however, is not the only bodily-layer effected by changes made to “The Neurological-Thought-Map”} It is also very important to be mindful of your own thoughts and emotions as you progress into this study so that you may be fully aware and cognizant of your current sense of self, and how that will change over time if you should be disciplined enough to stay The-Kupowyn-Way-Path, without allowing your self to become distracted from your “Focused-Implementations-of-Concentration”. Concentration is directly related to thinking. [See Illustration: “The Anatomical Structure of the Sentient Life Form”].

Yet what is concentration, and what is thinking? In regards to The Kupowyn Way, let “concentration” be understood as: steadily holding the Complete-Light-of-Consciousness upon the Subject of the “thinking”. In this case, the Subject of the “thinking” is The Kupowyn Way itself, as well as what you are reading at this very moment. However any noun (person, place, and/or thing) of which you are aware of, or capable of becoming aware of, that manifests within one’s awareness, is: [-for all tense and purposes-] what “thinking” is; and should be thought of as: {such-as} being well understood that all thoughts, no matter how seemingly insignificant they appear to be, are the manifestations of steadily holding The-Fractured-Light-of-Consciousness upon the subject of the “thinking”.

Concentration, however, -in and of itself- requires the Light of Consciousness to be constant without the fluctuations of a deviating path, unlike what thinking entails. In order for any energy to manifest in such a way that it becomes a discernible object of shape, depth, and/or detectable force that is felt within: as an emotion of mind, heart and/or any of the other organs which are also innately attributed the power and force for such manifestations, respectively; there must be a distinct-and-tangible presence of the Light of Consciousness being present (attached therein/thereof) within such an experience. It is also noteworthy to mention here that the majority of humankind only experiences [though this can be changed] what is called broken thought processes, caused by the focus of that Light-of consciousness being fractured: hence, broken into fragments and pieces, becoming incomplete, non-fully manifested, sentient orbs of Will-and-Desire: which unless otherwise stated shall be referred to as being, Thought-Forms. So for a recap of Concentration vs. Thinking, in relationship to how they are to be understood in context of/within The Kupowyn Way: Concentration is steadily holding The-Complete-Light-of-Consciousness upon The-Subject-of-The-Thinking; whereas, Thinking is steadily holding The-Fractured-Light-of-Consciousness upon The-Subject-of-The-Thinking. In either of these, there is and must be a steadiness of awareness, which enables the control of that process to be cognitively focused. Yet that steadiness of awareness is not the only likeness that these concentration and thinking have in common. They also have in common “Light”, “Consciousness”, “The-Light-of-Consciousness”, and “Aethereal Movement”.

What is this “Light” and “Consciousness” vs. “The-Light-of-Consciousness”? and though they all have commonalities in common, they are both very much distinct and different by design and manifestation. So for this, I shall briefly cover them now (with the complete-surrender to understanding that I will be going into a much further depth of these at a later line and page).

Light, in relationship to how it is to be understood in context of/within The Kupowyn Way (unless otherwise said differently): is that which happens when the primordial Desire, and primordial Will, of a Luminescent Sentient Life Form, are in perfect conflict with one another: causing an ethereal-friction to simultaneously take place, during said conflict, causing the manifestations of opposing forces that must exist in order for the Light to be made manifest, in all its burning splendor.

This takes us deeper into our understanding of such a Light, because now we are brought to: “Luminescent Sentient Life Form”. In order for a Sentient Life Form to become “Luminescent” it must have attained a cosmologically balanced Muhanic state of self-existential existence. In order for this to happen there must be “Consciousness”, “Will”, “Desire”, “Feeling”, all brought into perfect Unison by the Trilateral-Governing-Forces that oversees the Trinity-of-Mind (i.e. The Knower, The Thinker, and The Doer, of-and-as the base Self [what many on this planet call Soul]) within that Sentient Life Form. That Sentient Life Form must also have an awareness of itself to the degree and level of being able to think of itself as not being itself, and/or as any self.

In order for this to happen, the manifestation of that self-awareness must develop (Evolve: Evolution) to the point of which: the Ego has been birthed from the Solar Plexus and raised, trained, and graduated from its shell (the personality) and given flight from its shell (the personality) through the Lunar Plexus, and out-and-into its own fully transfigured state of being, which is a: self-illumined self-illuminating body, that does not require a physical, materially, non-illumined, non-illuminating, dense body (of the Material Plane [Malkuth])to contain and/or protect it, for its own evolutionary journey; onward and upwards to its own Ego-less state-of-being a “Luminescent Sentient Life Form”. It is noteworthy to mention here, that no Sentient Self can ever contain an identifying element and/or principle (of a self-existential identification) of any kind, if that identification is the actual identification of-self-as self, and not as some primordial monadic ingredient, that co-exists with the inhabiting of a lesser self in/of the same body and/or form, respectively. What this means, is that it is the Ego that becomes the Luminescent Sentient Life Form. Yet, before it becomes that Luminescent Sentient Life Form, it is not a self illuminating presence. Instead, it remains housed within the chrysalis-stages of the Personality, for the time it takes for it to evolve, onto the point of being set free, through the Lunar Plexus. However, once it has gained its Freedom, it is not attributed to having an Ego, for it cannot have that which it already is.

However, it can develop an empathically related sense of sensitivity, to other Egos, that are in their own evolving states as they struggle to break free from the Chrysalis-stages of the Personality’s Development: within/of whatever physical materially non-illumined/non-illuminating dense body (of the Material Plane [Malkuth]), in which that other Ego is (and beautifully so) indwelt within.

It is from here that that Self-Illumined, Self-Illuminating Luminescent Sentient Life Form may, by way of its own self-directed desire, choose to assist that ‘other-ego’ …which if acted upon, causes the birthing (by the ways and rules governing the hierarchical protocols for any-and-all Manifestations -irregardless of types, and/or kinds- to take place [See: The Rules of Manifestation: The Hierarchy thereof]) of the sentient orbs of Will-and-Desire.

We Are Who We’ve Been Waiting For

An airplane pilot retains the honors of being able to separate his self from the attachment of being earth bound and instead becomes sky bound… yet to traverse this change it took a vehicle of some sort. In this case that vehicle was an airplane. For the person (woman or man) the vehicle that frees them from being bound to the eartherian prisons of the flesh and become freed to traverse the new imprisonment of the skyways (spirit) the “Awareness” must be mastered and for this there is flight school (philosophies, religions, spiritual disciplines). Yet both are still prisons; the earth bound vessel as well as the sky bound vessel. So whether we speak of the Physicality of existence or the spirituality of existence, neither can be conceived nor cognized lest “Awareness” is present. Yet to master “Awareness” it is imperative that each person on this path Slaughter the AI (Artificial Intelligence) implanted within their DNA. And that AI is called: Consciousness. The Consciousness requires the orgasm and other vices to exist or else it dwithers and dies…leaving only Awareness. As it is now, Awareness and Consciousness are at war. And for most, Awareness gives in to what Consciousness claims.

Christian Sorcerers

The trinity of Symbological Magic and its actual [manifestational] influences are properly understood when understood as being the supra-projective images of greater and/or lesser entities whose identities are known as the actual Symbol itself. The Science of Symbological Magic is so strict in its application that it makes no exception for improperly configurated Symbols.

The teetering points between the greater and/or lesser entities are the solar-plexus in the woman and the lunar-plexus in the man. The solar-plexus is the centricular hierarchical energy center that governs the frequential responses of the woman’s emotional state. These frequential responses of the woman’s emotional state are depicted and manifestationally determined by the depth of her inhalation and exhalation. All upper-respiratory breathing is that which is tied directly to the whole process of thought and the thinking of those thoughts. All lower respiratory breathing is that which is tied directly to the whole process of feeling and the emotional expression of the emotions that arise from those feelings.

However, the approach for each, is opposite than it appears. If a woman’s thoughts seem clouded, fuzzy, and/or displaced it is due to her having her focus of breath in the upper-respiratory regions of her lungs capacity. Whereas, an overabundance of emotional expression is due to the focus of breath being in the lower respiratory regions of the lungs capacity, causing her to avoid abdominal breathing and breathe in the upper-respiratory regions of the lungs capacity, if she is seeking to avoid those emotions.

The lunar plexus is the centricular hierarchical energy center that governs the unfrequential responses of the man’s mental state. These unfrequential responses of the man’s mental state are depicted and manifestationally determined by the length of time the breath is held at 3 specific points of breath. The first being before inhalation, the second being before exhalation begins, and the third before the next inhalation occurs. Unlike the woman that has direct control over which of the respiratory regions she focuses on to effectuate the resulting influence of thought, and/or emotion, though the man has control over which region (upper/lower) of the lungs he focuses his breath, his primary control starts with the length of time he holds his breath at the 3 points heretofore mentioned. So for the man to gain any direct control over his primary mental state he must understand how to balance the 3 points of his retention-of-breath. Only then will he be able to access an indirect influence over the respiratorial regions of the full breath.

For the woman her primary mental and emotional states comes down to which region (upper/lower) she is breathing within. Whereas for the man his primary mental and emotional states comes down to the length of time his retention of breath lasts. This is very important to be understood when working with the Sygils, Amulets, Talismans, and/or the imbuing of force into the object desired to be charged, and/or imbued. The differences between ‘imbued’ and ‘charged’ are as follows:
1)Imbued is the process wherefrom the individual places within the object an externalization of intent that cannot be retracted (cleansed/removed) from said object by any other person. This can only be done with the emotion at its highest and held there with the retention of breath as the object is looked upon and then exhaled onto.
2)Charged is the process wherefrom the individual places upon the object an internalization of desire that can be retracted (cleansed/removed) from said object by any other person. This ‘Charging’ can only be done with the breath held at its longest line-of-will-and-intent, whilst the individual physically holds (or physically touches) said object. No further thought or action is required, other than not submitting to the panic the body would seek from the breath being held to its complete end [and sustained there], and then slowly exhaling. The galvanization (horripilation) produced through the skin carries the Aethereal imprint of the desire and molds it around said object. This ‘Charging’ process has taken on different customs and rites which have greatly been altered throughout ceremonial circles, and the practitioners of the occultic realm and studies.

It is important to note at this time that when it comes to Symbological Magic, sometimes individuals are successful and sometimes they are not. The previous explanations are the reasons as to why this is. There is no right nor wrong approach; as neither right nor wrong apply. There is only that which is effective and/or ineffective. Those who have been successful within their applicational processes of Symbological Magic were successful due to accidentally achieving one of the above, previously mentioned. Yet what is being explained here is how the individual can take direct control over how and when the success is applied and manifested, when working with the applicational side of Symbological Magic.

Goetian Dancers

The Primordial Senses of Humankind is plagued by the reasoning of the conscious mind which causes a surreal understanding of reality. The earth-planic realms, wherein the awareness and identity of the personality (of the human consciousness) becomes unclear (to the aethereal sight and knowing of the sub-conscious mind of the human’s experience), cannot be consciously traversed while the individual personality of the human self is imprisoned within a will that is in bondage to the flesh-based desires of humanity.
That which makes up the individual personality is the totality of that which is made by-and-from the effect-and-cause of the soul and spirit dwelling within the same physical body; at the same time.
The soul emanates from the source of its own projection from the higher planes of effectual creation down into the causational planes of manifestation; Descending from the highest vibrational frequency to the lowest: the soul projects itself through the light-thread of its own ray of purpose; thus creating the strand of experience wherein the soul learns from. Within each plane, that light-thread passes through, a bodily vessel of light is created and held within the manifestation of its own creation: by the presence of the light-force that directs the purpose of that soul’s cause-of-being. Within each of the Planes that that light-thread passes through, that bodily vessel of light that manifests is a physical body within the parameters of that Planes specific laws-of-existence. However, with each descent, by-and-through each lower plane, the vibrational frequency of how that light-thread manifests itself becomes denser, in direct accordance with the denseness of the plane in which it is manifesting, itself.
This light-thread in and of itself is not the personality that is seen within the human. It is strictly that which provides the directional ray of manifestation wherefrom-and-wherein the soul gains knowledge from what it learns, from the experiences of its interactions with other threads-of-light, which are also present through the same type of manifestational descent.
However, this interactional learning can only take place through what is called: personality.
The personality is created by two specific light-threads coming together. One is an emanation from the soul, and the other is an emanation from the Holy Spirit: of Yahweh. When the light-threads of these two come together, the personality of the human self is created, and held in manifestation as long as those two light-threads are intertwined with one-another: working with one another separately without being as one, made whole. When the light-thread of The Holy Spirit recedes from the space and place of the light-thread of the soul, the personality ceases to exist; it is no longer held within the manifestations of those two threads of light being interwoven with one another.
When one or both parents and/or celestially assigned guardians name a child before during and/or after the physical birth of that child, they are not naming the Holy Spirit, nor the soul of that child; rather, they are naming that which comes together as the manifestational presence of the holy spirit (the light-thread from Yahweh) and the manifestational presence of the spirit (the light-thread from the soul): known as personality.

Please keep in mind that when we mention Yahweh we are speaking of and referring to he who rules and governs all things existential and non-existential within this Galaxy. However it is also noteworthy of mentioning that although Yahweh is he whom governs and rules all things existential and non-existential within this Galaxy, there are thirteen Solar systems within this Galaxy; He is unable to trespass o’er the stationed positions of those whom rule and govern the each of those thirteen solar systems, respectively. The Solar system that you currently reside within, upon that planet you know as Earth exists within the Seventh, of the thirteen Solar systems. And that seventh Solar system is ruled and governed by Yehovah (not to be semantically confused with Yahweh [or other variant spellings thereof]).

Furthermore, let us bring your attention to the following hierarchical list which we will explain in depth at a later line and page:

1. Y =7
2. Ye =75
3. Yeh =758
4. Yeho =7586
5. Yehov =75864
6. Yehova =758641
7. Yehovah =7586418
8. Y =7
9. Ya =71
10. Yah =718
11. Yahw =7185
12. Yahwe =71855
13. Yahweh =718558

Yet briefly, these are the Solaric-identities of each of those whom rule and govern over the each of the thirteen Solar systems within this particular Galaxy of which we are currently speaking. The letters represent the hues of the complete spectrum of light, whilst the numbers (integers) represents the vibratorial height of the frequency that corresponds directly to the each of those numbers (integers), respectively [please see: Table of Frequencies].

A Reason To Fly

A Reason To Fly

Upon of Which I might convince
Myself that i can write
Would surely be the day of whence
The Blue had left the sky

So for now I’ll just pretend
While I linger on these words
And if you wish, while you read along
Imagine…that you’re a bird.

A bird that has a 3-foot span
Stretching out from tip to tip
And far below you see a man
Watching you ride the wind

And over yonder…While you Ponder
The beauty of being so high
Looking back you notice that
Miles…have passed you by

Then to a glistening graceful glide
You land upon a cliff
From where you look upon the skies
Seeing other birds high adrift

Then suddenly with a forward lean
Your Wings catch the Winds
And again you’re off into the air
But higher than you’ve ever been

Then with your wondrous Wings and Chest
You Soar miles back from whence you left
To find yourself slowing down
To land upon…your twig built nest

Then with Lightning instinct diving speed
To the ground you catch a worm
Soon thereafter you’re back in flight again
Re-climbing the winds to your Nesting perch

Then after that…in your nest you sat
For a break…that’s well deserved
And slowly returning back upon this page
Ruffling your feathers – You became the Bird

Even …For You

Even…For You

To the lonely and busy mind
Wherein regret doth creep therein
Fret no more neath the shroud of thine envy
For a time shall come wherein grief subsides
And will no longer bear the wounded pride
Of a self once chained to the woes of rejection

To the lonely and busy mind
Wherein hope doth seem to hide its face
And understanding seeming to be confused
And the passions of love doth seem unknown
Trials to bury…burdens carried too long
Think not of how long the time
Before within you… the seeds of joy sown
There cometh for you the hour of grace
Misunderstanding becomes a wisdom known
Smiling with honor and righteous perfection
Pains still there yet not as loud

To the lonely and busy mind
Envy goeth by demands of glory
Though from within the tales of doubt
Doth tempt you to a solemn silence
Whilst tremors speak of clenching fears
Knoweth well that freedom in this darkness
Shall soon be gone as the Light of promise
Bears upon you what longing hath called
Relax, I ask… For hope is near

To the lonely and busy mind
Of whomever reads upon these lines
Let go, let go of the heart once more
That abounding peace might make its stand
So the longings of the heart and mind
May know in you the divine reflection
A Light of truth in all you do
Whilst a glimpse of hope like a cosmic strand
Doth leave you to know love hath come

To the lonely and busy mind
Fret if you must whilst dancing with wounds of envy
Yet know the hour for you to be
Is when from within your deepest sense of self
You shall know…that love hath come…love hath come for you.

The Journey

The Journey

Upon this Mountain’s edge serene
Overlooking the view of a span of life
Fear not the fall sit close to the edge
For the view is not what It seems
The pains, and the glory, and the undreampt strife
The regrets, the mask, the sincere pledge
As the wind carries passing dreams
This too shall pass away

As the sunset of Promise sets to night
O’er the Horizon of what may come
Fear not the cold of Night’s abyss
Look to the knowing of a coming light
Reasons change, another day done
As if to awaken an enlightened kiss
This too shall pass away

A spark of divine perfection
From the womb, to a weathered age
That takes upon itself a firey blaze
Destined to be the great reflection
Pressing thoughts of peace and rage
Transcending self, the resurrection
This too shall pass away

Stand from the edge and turn [to pray]
Look for the path that leads back down
With thanks, take steps, love is near
Freedom unchained, will of pride broken
Awaiting you to change the frown
Come back to Center, the now, the here
The word of breath upon you spoken
This too shall pass away

Spells nor chants from all of lore
Canst not untie what you yourself bind
Lest you yourself untie each bow
That wraps the wounded view of self
And turn from the old, embracing more
In this that Love and peace you’ll find
Be here now, just let it, let it flow
This too shall pass away

And whence you lastly seek no more
Therein the droplets of rainbow’s storm
Those winds shall settle, a cosmic trance
The smile unable to match the joy
That pain inside, no longer sore
Drowning no more, the heart twas torn
Singing you to a new found dance

And though this too shall pass away
Giving fret to new things denied
Relax, let go, give in to swoon
Grace doth walk at your side
Carrying you throughout each night
Till the setting of the light of Moon
Births the rising, a rebuilt pride
Lest you find yourself, once again
Upon this Mountain’s edge serene
Overlooking the view of a span of life

Dreamland’s Musical Gift

Blog, The Scribes of Light


I often times would seek to understand how to best convey to you what I am feeling or what I am thinking. Perhaps instead of being so rigid in wanting the words to be perfect I should just relax and let go and trust that I have captured the whole of my thoughts and feelings in the particular Song I am sharing with you.

It may be a song about love or death or the myriad of experiences in-between these. One thing is certain though, all of my music is about what we experience along our journeys throughout life.

Though I am honored to be able to present to you my own compilations herein what you will be hearing, if you choose to watch any of my videos, or listen to any of my sound files, It is my prayerful hope that my music will leave you surrounded with a feeling of peace, love, and relaxation.

Life, in and of itself, is too short for us to live as if we had nothing to live for. Whether as acquaintances, prospective friends, or even becoming that significant other.. the possibilities are only limited by our doubts, fears, and other self-placed negations we may use from habits, wounds, or inferiority complexes.

As a Concert Pianist I always struggle to find that next best moment for capturing that elusive sound of love, hope, desire, regret, and even humility. Yet such things are not easily captured in a musical piece when the performer is limited to the sheet music before them. It is for this that you will never see me performing or practicing with sheet music. If I am unable to play and master what the heart speaks through what it feels, by what my hands are willing to surrender to doing, then it is best I not play at all. However, since the music is still playing within me, it is with hope and passion that I always reach for that next note with the intention of sharing the blessing of that sound with whomever is listening.

Endless Glow

Endless Glow

There she stood… arms outstretched
Oh how her mind runs with impatience
Beckoning to that coming embrace
As an anxious stillness causes her to stare
And into her arms fast a warmth unspoken
Should she run… or should she just wait
No voice could speak what love doth sing
Whilst silence holds her tongue to yell
From within her heart, as she hugs her child
“I love you mommy”…such perfect radiance
Youth with smile: a perfect Love.