Goetian Dancers

Goetian Dancers

The Primordial Senses of Humankind is plagued by the reasoning of the conscious mind which causes a surreal understanding of reality. The earth-planic realms, wherein the awareness and identity of the personality (of the human consciousness) becomes unclear (to the aethereal sight and knowing of the sub-conscious mind of the human’s experience), cannot be consciously traversed while the individual personality of the human self is imprisoned within a will that is in bondage to the flesh-based desires of humanity.
That which makes up the individual personality is the totality of that which is made by-and-from the effect-and-cause of the soul and spirit dwelling within the same physical body; at the same time.
The soul emanates from the source of its own projection from the higher planes of effectual creation down into the causational planes of manifestation; Descending from the highest vibrational frequency to the lowest: the soul projects itself through the light-thread of its own ray of purpose; thus creating the strand of experience wherein the soul learns from. Within each plane, that light-thread passes through, a bodily vessel of light is created and held within the manifestation of its own creation: by the presence of the light-force that directs the purpose of that soul’s cause-of-being. Within each of the Planes that that light-thread passes through, that bodily vessel of light that manifests is a physical body within the parameters of that Planes specific laws-of-existence. However, with each descent, by-and-through each lower plane, the vibrational frequency of how that light-thread manifests itself becomes denser, in direct accordance with the denseness of the plane in which it is manifesting, itself.
This light-thread in and of itself is not the personality that is seen within the human. It is strictly that which provides the directional ray of manifestation wherefrom-and-wherein the soul gains knowledge from what it learns, from the experiences of its interactions with other threads-of-light, which are also present through the same type of manifestational descent.
However, this interactional learning can only take place through what is called: personality.
The personality is created by two specific light-threads coming together. One is an emanation from the soul, and the other is an emanation from the Holy Spirit: of Yahweh. When the light-threads of these two come together, the personality of the human self is created, and held in manifestation as long as those two light-threads are intertwined with one-another: working with one another separately without being as one, made whole. When the light-thread of The Holy Spirit recedes from the space and place of the light-thread of the soul, the personality ceases to exist; it is no longer held within the manifestations of those two threads of light being interwoven with one another.
When one or both parents and/or celestially assigned guardians name a child before during and/or after the physical birth of that child, they are not naming the Holy Spirit, nor the soul of that child; rather, they are naming that which comes together as the manifestational presence of the holy spirit (the light-thread from Yahweh) and the manifestational presence of the spirit (the light-thread from the soul): known as personality.

Please keep in mind that when we mention Yahweh we are speaking of and referring to he who rules and governs all things existential and non-existential within this Galaxy. However it is also noteworthy of mentioning that although Yahweh is he whom governs and rules all things existential and non-existential within this Galaxy, there are thirteen Solar systems within this Galaxy; He is unable to trespass o’er the stationed positions of those whom rule and govern the each of those thirteen solar systems, respectively. The Solar system that you currently reside within, upon that planet you know as Earth exists within the Seventh, of the thirteen Solar systems. And that seventh Solar system is ruled and governed by Yehovah (not to be semantically confused with Yahweh [or other variant spellings thereof]).

Furthermore, let us bring your attention to the following hierarchical list which we will explain in depth at a later line and page:

1. Y =7
2. Ye =75
3. Yeh =758
4. Yeho =7586
5. Yehov =75864
6. Yehova =758641
7. Yehovah =7586418
8. Y =7
9. Ya =71
10. Yah =718
11. Yahw =7185
12. Yahwe =71855
13. Yahweh =718558

Yet briefly, these are the Solaric-identities of each of those whom rule and govern over the each of the thirteen Solar systems within this particular Galaxy of which we are currently speaking. The letters represent the hues of the complete spectrum of light, whilst the numbers (integers) represents the vibratorial height of the frequency that corresponds directly to the each of those numbers (integers), respectively [please see: Table of Frequencies].

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