The Crystalline Helix

The Crystalline Helix

“The tumultuous movement of the enemy is not what we see when we look upon the faces of the townspeople, nor is it the acuity of their every physical movement in taking action for the beliefs they hold dear, rather it is that which traverses our veins within the blood of our bodies. Here is where the war truly must be won; this is where the battlefield of morality in right vs. wrong truly takes place, and we each are a macrobial pawn in the chess-game of humanity as our minds are molded into the proverbial chess pieces that will inevitably do the bidding of every microbial particle within us. If left unchecked and un-transmuted the very serpentine movement within us shall leave us in the state we have already found ourselves trapped within; a state of peril, ruin, emotionalism, and starved of psychic-entrapments that we hunger for: that we may continue to feel enslaved to a power and force greater than any power and force we feel worthy of being on our own, by our own alchemical mastery of the flesh and blood of that which we live, move, and have our being-ness within. And for this, I look to my adversary who appears before me by whatever form he or she takes, and I smile with the scorn of pity for I know that within their veins, in their very blood, they too are infiltrated by the serpentine movement of the eugenic alterations that hath caused us all to be the hybrids we are today that we all comically, yet pathetically: call humans.

When I speak I do not speak for the voice of just my own awareness or reasoning mind, rather the collective of the many minds that traverses the bloodline within the veins of my body. Each having their say for the collective movement of that which hath built and maintains the infrastructures of the eugenic cathedral of which my body hath become from the alterations of which continue to be done unto me; alterations of which none of us can escape as these eugenic-codings have been implanted within us all by the air, and whole of the food supplies we inevitably must consume in order to live, flourish, and replenish the earth. It is not by my own will that I was born into a predispositioned physical-body coded for decay, ruin, and death, and forced to live upon a deceit-ridden land which my future would be riddled with other people’s battles and wars greater within the blood of my own physical self: itself, than could ever be seen outside the body between men and women caught up in the evil regimes of deception, and forced chaotic movements, that the relief offered by those who lead the movements of all deception may only lead the whole of us to further onslaughts of further eugenic programmings-and-brainwashings. Nay, this was not my will or doing. Yet here, I exist within that same corrupted flesh as all those around me also exist within: in their own eugenic-rites of controlled mental, emotional, and sometimes even physical movements. Yet the victor shall I be as I preserve in like-minded seedlings the sprout of knowledge that will inevitably lead the few who hath the strength and fortitude to push beyond the veil of appearances outwardly, and seek to master the evil implantations forced into the bloodlines within, of our veins, that the imprisoning-barriers o’er this earth be not taken by physical force; yet and only yet by another means far-foreign to these progenitors of all serpentine chaos. A way of which: shall uproot the whole of the few of us, and replant us upon the true land of our home planet and territories. A way that I: and I alone, hath been made privy to, for I am in Athereal-communion with those that hunt the serpentine consciousness.”


~99th degree Kupowynist

Jesse Jhon Andrews

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