Genocide of the Eugenic Plague

Genocide of the Eugenic Plague

Do not allow your sense of self to interfere with your projected sense of awareness as you hungrily graze o’er the fields of these letters, words, sentences, and/or the semantic meanings thereof. And though I make no claim that what you feast herein upon will leave your intellectual appetite satisfied, I will however warn you of attempting to take in too much too fast without first properly assimilating what was previously consumed through your desperate perusal.

I am not without the understanding that I am presenting something that has never been put into writing and/or taught by anyone else on this planet, other than me. And if you have heard of this, it is because you have either heard me speaking of this in person: via some chat site on the net that I was at some point speaking to you or others in, or you have been exposed to one of a few writings I have posted regarding this subject that may very well still be lingering around out there in that digital world called the internet. It is also important that I say that even though I do understand the totality of what I will be speaking to you about, I do not understand the totality of the English language to present the totality of what I will be speaking about, in it’s most simplest of forms.

Though that be said that is no excuse for being communicatively sloppy and/or too lazy to discover a better approach to linguistically communicate an experience, event, thought, idea, emotion, and/or other alike ingredients of existence. However, it is because of my mindfulness of what I do not know that I focus on being as precise as possible with what I do know, so that I may accurately convey to you what it is I am desiring to communicate without the needless equivocations that stem from a mind filled with thoughts of societal, cultural, and/or linguistic inadequacies: whether real and/or imagined.

There is something that is so complex that I would choose to refer to it as a system. Yet… even using the word ‘system’ as a way of referencing this complex thing seems to fall short of an accurate description. I could also choose to refer to it as a spiritual discipline, yet what spiritual discipline exists without the presence of some physical discipline being present to exercise any such spiritual discipline? So this makes me think that ‘spiritual discipline’ even falls short of an accurate descriptive of/for this complex thing. It is however, a way of life; It is a way, or rather a different approach to many specific self-reformational changes. Yet, even that can be misleading if that were all that was understood as being the overall descriptive for this complex thing.

Nevertheless, it would seem that my only struggle for describing this complex thing is when I search for words or phrases that would describe it based upon how I think and feel about this complex thing: vs. how the creators of this complex thing refers to it when they themselves speak about it to me. So, I am left feeling that I should perhaps use only the terms and/or phrases that they use and leave any gaps in one’s understanding up to the person attempting to learn and/or understand this complex thing. Yet even doing that would leave large holes and broken bridges in one’s complete awareness of this complex thing: for if I were to only use just the words and/or phrases that the creators of this complex thing used, I would be using words and phrases that are of a different language. And their language is not currently known by anyone on this planet, other than myself. So, I am left with the daunting yet humbling task of accurately transliterating (where applicable) a message and/or meaning from their language into the English language, so that individuals such as yourself may have a better chance at gaining the most knowledge you are able to from what wisdom I am entrusted with sharing through the totality of this process.

I thoroughly understand that this complex thing whether piecemeal or as a whole will not be understood by everyone. I also thoroughly understand that there will be those whom read what I have written here and will scoff and/or complain about it, or even chastise me directly/indirectly. Though I know without any doubt that the majority will detest what this complex thing reveals for and about each person, there is no amount of preparation that can enable one to plan for an unknown or unseen attack against someone’s character, reputation, and/or person. Yet, here go I, out and into the seemingly abysmal depths of humanity’s light of judgement, ridicule, speculation, doubt, resentment, jealousy, and even hatred. I will not allow this to stop me from sharing all that i know about this complex thing: even unto the death of me. It is not simple enough and/or easy enough for me to say: “If you do not like what you are reading, then stop reading it.” For some individuals will complain about a thing they call ugly, yet remain obsessively attached to starring at what detests them. I hope that if this does happen that the experience will only be with the small few in this category. I also hope, though all this be said, that there will be those whom are genuinely grateful for what is presented herein to such a degree that they are willing to actually be patient enough within their own sense of self that they may gleam a complete understanding of what it is that’s being presented to them through their own literary perusal of this pedagogical text. And to quote the words of Zoharstrius (one of the Creators of this complex thing), when he was counseling me upon having the courage and strength to go forward with publicizing this: “Do not fret over the sadness that speaks through the generations of mortals around you. If there be any Light within them then the Light within the text of-and-by us, you write for them, shall respond unto them accordingly: and without limit to measure.”

There are two phrases I will now speak of: The first phrase is “The Kupowyn Way”, and the second phrase is “The Cube of Space”. One cannot exist without the other for they are both interconnected and interlaced throughout every level of their existence and manifestation. Both of these as one, are one, though having distinct differences that binds them to specific realms that are only accessible through either physical movement and/or spiritual movement respectively. Though The Cube of Space is a subcategory of The Kupowyn Way, there are those whom have decided to make The Cube of Space their only focus throughout their lives, at the costs of ignoring The Kupowyn Way. Although each person is truly free to do, be, and/or focus on whatever they desire and/or choose…the creators of The Kupowyn Way (complex thing) had other intentions and motives. I will be presenting to you The Kupowyn Way in its totality. What you choose to do with what you learn from it, is indeed your own choice.

One of the hardest things you will ever face within your study of The Kupowyn Way is the level of dedication and effort that you will have to muster the strength and dedication for, when it comes to overcoming the amount of procrastination you will undoubtedly face when it comes to actually following through with studying the whole of The Kupowyn Way, as well as putting forth the efforts required for its direct and personal application, to you specifically.

There is not an easy approach that will enable you to skip any of the necessary steps required for you to get the most out of your study of The Kupowyn Way. You can decide to skip around and go to any word, sentence, paragraph, and/or page you desire. However, in my humble opinion, for the best result and learning experience of this entire system, it is wiser to start at the very beginning, and remain there until you fully understand what you have read and learned.

Learning, in and of itself, is a seemingly never ending process that we each are constantly experiencing as we encounter our awareness perusing different materials online that might help foster a better understanding of the subject of which we are researching, studying, or reading about: whether or/not we are reading about it by a personal reference made to us from an actual person and/or website that contained a link we followed (whether accidentally or on purpose), or we happen to stumble upon it through our own random internet surfing. Either way, whatever the cause of how we came to be here now, is diverse for the each of us, respectively. The question I ask myself as I am writing this to you is why are we here now, at this very moment. Well, for me that answer is quite simple. I am desiring to help you through your journey of what you will be seeing, reading, and possibly even choosing to study The Kupowyn Way. I am not going to sit here and attempt to tell you the right or wrong ways of studying a subject. For right nor wrong does not apply. There is only that which is effective and efficient vs. ineffective and inefficient. And what is effective for me may not be as effective for you. So I humbly and respectfully leave that up to you to decide for your Self. If, however, you desire to take the approach I suggested, in sharing my opinion regarding this, then you will start at the beginning and stay there till you are certain you are spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically ready to move onward. The reason I say this is because it is too easy to skip around and follow the pre-programmed/patterned thought process of your conscious thought-process in/of your everyday thinking mind. This causes a total lack of stability and/or reliability in the applicational-process of concentration to that of: which is, or might be, being seen, read, and/or studied. I do not desire hearing from you and/or someone else that you have been struggling with understanding any of what is written herein due to a common mistake made (due to following common sense [the belief of the majority]) within your approach to this pedagogical text, as well as my own reasons for taking all the time that I am, to speak to you herein this writ.

Whether you are a woman and/or a man, the diversity of ideas, beliefs, philosophies, religious overtones, dogmas, theories, cultural influences, societal influences, Lineage-specific traditions, Cultural traditions, Societal traditions, and even the sub-categorical superstitions of these are vast, to say the least. I would never expect you nor anyone else to set aside all that matters most to you just for the sake of pursuing something more powerful, if not better, than anything you have previously known. Yet how can this be said with any sense of accuracy when there is nothing to compare it to. And the simple answer is I am only sharing my opinion on this, and not stating it as if it were an undeniable fact of reason. I do not know you nor the events of your past experiences. So I am not able to literally draw a true reference to that with any validity in reality. It is for this that I apologize in advance in case what I am speaking here feels to be of any arrogance and/or lack of fore-thought, regarding that of which I am speaking to you about, herein this text. I do believe, and unequivocally so, that The Kupowyn Way is the most thorough, intense, and life-reforming Occult-like system available to humankind: to date.

There are many a great: teacher, guide, coach, director, editor, composer, writer, acquaintance, friend, and other titles of nobility that are far greater than what my written educational record would ever reflect me having the training, and/or official guidance on ever having and/or becoming. I know this. Yet I do not allow this to stop me from putting my best foot forward -proverbially speaking- and doing what I can to make sure I have done all that I can possibly do, to not only pass on this information to you and others like you, yet to also make sure I am readily available to those of you whom choose to study The Kupowyn Way, in its entirety; and not just in piecemeal by Visitors, Users, and/or the Transitory-viewers.

So, though I do consider myself to be a great: teacher, guide, coach, director, editor, composer, writer, acquaintance, friend, and/or other alike titles of nobility (as if i could dare think of these as noble qualities), I recognize that these are self-assigned labels and have no actual existence in any forms of a degree and/or diploma from the likes of some college and/or university.

If the actual educational status of a woman and/or man could easily be portrayed by such documents then I am at a complete amiss as to why far greater women and men -than I- have influenced hundreds of thousands of people upon this planet without ever acquiring such documents, validating their testimony of experience. This leads me to presume that there are two major facets of categorization when it comes to this. One being that textbook education can never pass on an experience of the actual experience itself. And two, that it has become more and more acceptable by/to the majority to hear, and accept through the hearing, the testimonies of any person who is willing to speak truthfully of what they have personally learned and/or experienced, irregardless of whether or not it is accepted to the point of being widely used from within the educational system, and/or whether or not what they share is accepted as being the “belief of” the majority: mostly referred to as being Common Sense.

However, for being called common sense, it is not as common as many would presume/assume it to be. In fact the intellectual acuity of a person is effected on many levels by many contributing factors that can change the person’s cognitive thinking skills and an overall maturity level when it comes to assimilating various bits of information that are being filtered through one of their 7 major primordial senses (of humankind), and then filtered again through how the whole of the humanoid species has been taught to think and feel due to the influences of whatever culture they grew up within and/or near, as well as the exterior influences from sources that exist outside the territories of this planet’s spherical domain (I will cover this in more depth at another line and page).

[This brings my attention to the next, and even as: crucial-step, in understanding what your approach to The Kupowyn Way should be, in my opinion. And that is which of the following categories you think and/or feel yourself to fit into for pursuing the whole of this study. Yet before presenting that list there is something worthy of mentioning here in regards to responsibility and accountability.]

You, and others like you, are never and will never be responsible and/or accountable for answering to me: Jesse Jhon Andrews, for any part: piecemeal and/or otherwise, for your experiences and/or results from any of the efforts you choose to put forth, or not put forth, regarding the disciplines outlined hereafter, in the lines and pages to come. The only responsibility and accountability I have to you, the: Reader, Registered User, Active-Member, and/or Transitory-viewer, is presenting what information you have access-to regarding this subject in the best light possible so that you may gleam a clear understanding of what it is you are intellectively consuming. (Anything else, regarding my own personal involvement is, and shall remain, being done by my own: compassionate-heart [by and through an unconditional love], free-will [without being in bondage], and desire [without lusts of the flesh being present and/or a distant motive], and not by any divine decree [Elohimically related harmonic and/or disharmonic directives] and/or Celestially made mandations by any otherworldly Species from within this planet and/or outside of its Spherical influence and/or Luciferian agendas that goes far beyond the nuclei of our flat earth imprisonments.)

Furthermore, it is my honorable duty to make sure that I make myself available to those who are genuinely Active-Members of the portion of this website reserved for such Esoteric Teachings and Study. It is incumbent upon you, and others, to decide for themselves to what depth and level of discipline that you/they will call forth from within yourself/their self so that the complete and total understanding of what is being presented will be fully cognized. At the beginning stages of your progressions through your study of The Kupowyn Way, you will not be cosmologically held accountable for what you learn. The degree, level, and depth of accountability to that which resides outside of spherical realm of this planet does not officially start till you have passed through the third Rites-of-Passage-Ceremony (a.k.a. The 3rd initiation). This does not, however, eliminate all responsibility and/or accountability that you may already have, and/or may acquire in the days (cycles) to come.

(Each person is always held accountable and responsible to what they know and learn, by their own sub-conscious mind, which keeps their conscious mind in subliminal check. However, though this be said, the sub-conscious mind can only operate within the perpendicular-programmings of that which the conscious mind has been programmed with, and thus the conscious mind keeps the sub-conscious mind programmed with those externally influenced paradigms, by turning them into Peripheral-Awarenesses, parallel to “The Axis of Intent”, via: “The Neurological-Thought-Map”, located within the frontal lobes of the brain, respectively. It is noteworthy here to also mention that by altering the infrastructures of “The Neurological-Thought-Map” one is able to alter the chemical state of their physiological self {their physical body; however, is not the only bodily-layer effected by changes made to “The Neurological-Thought-Map”} It is also very important to be mindful of your own thoughts and emotions as you progress into this study so that you may be fully aware and cognizant of your current sense of self, and how that will change over time if you should be disciplined enough to stay The-Kupowyn-Way-Path, without allowing your self to become distracted from your “Focused-Implementations-of-Concentration”. Concentration is directly related to thinking. [See Illustration: “The Anatomical Structure of the Sentient Life Form”].

Yet what is concentration, and what is thinking? In regards to The Kupowyn Way, let “concentration” be understood as: steadily holding the Complete-Light-of-Consciousness upon the Subject of the “thinking”. In this case, the Subject of the “thinking” is The Kupowyn Way itself, as well as what you are reading at this very moment. However any noun (person, place, and/or thing) of which you are aware of, or capable of becoming aware of, that manifests within one’s awareness, is: [-for all tense and purposes-] what “thinking” is; and should be thought of as: {such-as} being well understood that all thoughts, no matter how seemingly insignificant they appear to be, are the manifestations of steadily holding The-Fractured-Light-of-Consciousness upon the subject of the “thinking”.

Concentration, however, -in and of itself- requires the Light of Consciousness to be constant without the fluctuations of a deviating path, unlike what thinking entails. In order for any energy to manifest in such a way that it becomes a discernible object of shape, depth, and/or detectable force that is felt within: as an emotion of mind, heart and/or any of the other organs which are also innately attributed the power and force for such manifestations, respectively; there must be a distinct-and-tangible presence of the Light of Consciousness being present (attached therein/thereof) within such an experience. It is also noteworthy to mention here that the majority of humankind only experiences [though this can be changed] what is called broken thought processes, caused by the focus of that Light-of consciousness being fractured: hence, broken into fragments and pieces, becoming incomplete, non-fully manifested, sentient orbs of Will-and-Desire: which unless otherwise stated shall be referred to as being, Thought-Forms. So for a recap of Concentration vs. Thinking, in relationship to how they are to be understood in context of/within The Kupowyn Way: Concentration is steadily holding The-Complete-Light-of-Consciousness upon The-Subject-of-The-Thinking; whereas, Thinking is steadily holding The-Fractured-Light-of-Consciousness upon The-Subject-of-The-Thinking. In either of these, there is and must be a steadiness of awareness, which enables the control of that process to be cognitively focused. Yet that steadiness of awareness is not the only likeness that these concentration and thinking have in common. They also have in common “Light”, “Consciousness”, “The-Light-of-Consciousness”, and “Aethereal Movement”.

What is this “Light” and “Consciousness” vs. “The-Light-of-Consciousness”? and though they all have commonalities in common, they are both very much distinct and different by design and manifestation. So for this, I shall briefly cover them now (with the complete-surrender to understanding that I will be going into a much further depth of these at a later line and page).

Light, in relationship to how it is to be understood in context of/within The Kupowyn Way (unless otherwise said differently): is that which happens when the primordial Desire, and primordial Will, of a Luminescent Sentient Life Form, are in perfect conflict with one another: causing an ethereal-friction to simultaneously take place, during said conflict, causing the manifestations of opposing forces that must exist in order for the Light to be made manifest, in all its burning splendor.

This takes us deeper into our understanding of such a Light, because now we are brought to: “Luminescent Sentient Life Form”. In order for a Sentient Life Form to become “Luminescent” it must have attained a cosmologically balanced Muhanic state of self-existential existence. In order for this to happen there must be “Consciousness”, “Will”, “Desire”, “Feeling”, all brought into perfect Unison by the Trilateral-Governing-Forces that oversees the Trinity-of-Mind (i.e. The Knower, The Thinker, and The Doer, of-and-as the base Self [what many on this planet call Soul]) within that Sentient Life Form. That Sentient Life Form must also have an awareness of itself to the degree and level of being able to think of itself as not being itself, and/or as any self.

In order for this to happen, the manifestation of that self-awareness must develop (Evolve: Evolution) to the point of which: the Ego has been birthed from the Solar Plexus and raised, trained, and graduated from its shell (the personality) and given flight from its shell (the personality) through the Lunar Plexus, and out-and-into its own fully transfigured state of being, which is a: self-illumined self-illuminating body, that does not require a physical, materially, non-illumined, non-illuminating, dense body (of the Material Plane [Malkuth])to contain and/or protect it, for its own evolutionary journey; onward and upwards to its own Ego-less state-of-being a “Luminescent Sentient Life Form”. It is noteworthy to mention here, that no Sentient Self can ever contain an identifying element and/or principle (of a self-existential identification) of any kind, if that identification is the actual identification of-self-as self, and not as some primordial monadic ingredient, that co-exists with the inhabiting of a lesser self in/of the same body and/or form, respectively. What this means, is that it is the Ego that becomes the Luminescent Sentient Life Form. Yet, before it becomes that Luminescent Sentient Life Form, it is not a self illuminating presence. Instead, it remains housed within the chrysalis-stages of the Personality, for the time it takes for it to evolve, onto the point of being set free, through the Lunar Plexus. However, once it has gained its Freedom, it is not attributed to having an Ego, for it cannot have that which it already is.

However, it can develop an empathically related sense of sensitivity, to other Egos, that are in their own evolving states as they struggle to break free from the Chrysalis-stages of the Personality’s Development: within/of whatever physical materially non-illumined/non-illuminating dense body (of the Material Plane [Malkuth]), in which that other Ego is (and beautifully so) indwelt within.

It is from here that that Self-Illumined, Self-Illuminating Luminescent Sentient Life Form may, by way of its own self-directed desire, choose to assist that ‘other-ego’ …which if acted upon, causes the birthing (by the ways and rules governing the hierarchical protocols for any-and-all Manifestations -irregardless of types, and/or kinds- to take place [See: The Rules of Manifestation: The Hierarchy thereof]) of the sentient orbs of Will-and-Desire.

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