If I should Forget

If I should Forget

I would like to get back home. They told us that when we stepped through the portal, we would be starting over on a new earth. They lied! This is not a new earth it is the old earth with minor changes in many things. We were all expecting a real new earth. All those of us who came here, now suffer from what’s known as the Mandela Effect. What upsets me most is now the military is seeking to wipe our minds from remembering where we came from. Soon they will be doing their next and final wipe. I fear the few of us who still remember may lose what’s left of ourselves, that we are hanging on to as if it were greater than love itself. So, till that happens, I am a stranger on an earth not mine own.

Chess sometimes helps me cope with the passing hours as if every moment was an eternal season of suffering from missing my Old earth, my real homelands. Even the constellations are different here. It’s just all messed up! There is no hope in the sky on this new earth from here; we have no stars to look up to and dream about. All we have is the bright view of other domed terrariums that we are not allowed to go to. We are all under earth arrest here; coping is hard, and sometimes I do not know how the few of us left are managing. One thing is certain, I can assure you. As long as the few of us remember where we are truly from, there will be a very small chance, while we are alive, that Love may find a place in the hearts of those who are from this place. I doubt I will live to see it. Yet the thought of it brings a feeling of peace upon me in between all the moments of grief.

Now I wonder if this new earth, they lied to us all about is actually an experiment. They won’t let us go back through the portal. It is under lockdown and guarded heavily by armed elite soldiers. I wish there were enough of us to take it by force. Yet many of us are just too weak to fight and too scared to try. I would lead them if they would follow! They are too afraid and I understand, yet it makes me feel more alone than before. Like I am some warrior without a tribe, a hero without anyone to save. Yeah, I can blend in like the rest of humanity on this new earth and pretend to pray and care about some god or demi-god to fit in: just more egregores for a cause of war.

Yet in the end, before I sleep each day, the truth haunts me of what I know. And mine own reflection keeps me from lying to myself, as long as I still remember. It was a romantic idea, starting over, on some new earth they allegedly discovered. It sounded like an adventure and they sold us on the idea of it. I was a blasted-fool for giving in to such a dream. We all were fooled: wanting with all that we knew to be, something more than what we had left after all the wars took most of what we had. I would have rather died on the soil I knew as home than lived the rest of my days relearning the laws of a new earth, with people all around me that are oblivious to the truth of why they exist.

The few of us who still remember, are fighting for what sanity we have left within our hearts and minds, as every passing moment robs us more and more of who we are.
I fear that those of us left will soon be as the masses: blended into the majority of automatons: serving the brainwashed movements of Instant Gratifications. Yet who am I? I am more than I once was, when I can still remember wherefrom I came, to compare what I am now to that distant Self I once called my identity. Yet now, as it is, as I write this to you: typing this, there is not much left of any of us. And if you were truly born here you have so much more than we do. You have the rest of your lives to be anything you put your minds and hearts into being. You are not bound by the laws of the old earth as we are. You, perhaps, are truly from Star-Dust or emblazoned with the Yodh spark of I Am That I Am, The great Eternal Tetragrammaton: or maybe you are simply a beautiful child of God, Allah, or Yahweh. Whatever your path, if your path originated here, you are blessed beyond the beauty of any Jewels you can imagine ever finding. You are you, and no one can take that from you. They can, however, make you forget, as they struggle to do with us.

And: as I breathe, and as I remember, I will do my best to encourage the few, whilst suffering with-the-many. I want to go home still. Yet while I am here on your earth, I will do my best to coexist with you and your humanity, that I may just maybe, find a new home where I may forget that I was a coward-and-a-fool for leaving my old earth out of fear like the rest. Yet for those who do not know, when you look up to the sky at night and you see all of the major constellations, those are not actually stars. What you are actually seeing, is other domed terrariums through the water. All of the Semi-spheres (domed terrariums) are all covered by water. We are all living in a submerged reality: literally. Many will not grasp what I say: and soon, I fear I won’t remember, to speak of it as I know the truth of it; once they wipe our minds for the last time, I fear I will not be strong enough to resist it.

Yet, there is a way out something I did not know about the old earth! Hell, none of us knew it, till it was too late… we saw it as we passed through the portal. All of these domed terrariums are all covered by water and they are all connected to one another by tunnels; tunnels like huge hallways made of dirt, concrete, and plasma-like glass: something I don’t know how to describe. Yet, the water cannot penetrate it. Too many people, where I am from, were waking up to the reality of living in a domed terrarium; most were trying to cling to some flat-earth idea and were shunned by the spiritualists who mocked them. Yet while mocking them, the spiritualists clung to the idea of their sacred firmament and held that their gods lived beyond it: always beyond the reach of mortal man. This is the theme of every lonely man’s song: always unreachable, are the gods dreampt by man.

Yet the elite powers at be, those who governed the surface dwellers of the old earth started wars amongst the people, to stop the awakening. I knew the cause of the wars were all faked, because every government from every nation and country were truly all on the same side: to keep their people from learning the truth about living in an ocean, literally. Yet once the masses on my old earth started waking up, and questioning more than they have in their entire history of evolving generations, they were silenced with the blood of civil wars breaking out as country was pinned against country. Yet it was only the people, who fought the people, there was never once one military battle.

There was more bloodshed than I can describe. The loss was more devastating than any book of history could ever tell. There was not a street to find wherein someone was not killed out of anger, jealousy, hatred for a color of skin, or preference of what god is the best god. We failed each other. And as I write this to you, knowing time is not on my side: I was a fool, and as long as I remember being as foolish as the humanity I came from, I am no better than the worst of them. I am not some great moral example of greatness. I am actually more lowly than the least of whom you might know as filth. I failed my people there, on the old earth, because when the bullets were flying and people were dying I was scared to fight. I clung to my family, hiding from every street battle I could. It was all for nothing, for now, I exist alone.

I am the last of my lineage, and there is no other to carry the bloodline of my ancestors. My family was killed in the tunnels as they tried to fight the soldiers, that was escorting them from the portal to their new earth. For years I have lived with the guilt of not dying with them. For years I have lived with the guilt of not knowing how to make the world of the old earth a better place. I was a coward there too scared to be anything that wasn’t accepted by the majority. I was afraid I would be rejected and hated for doing what I knew to be right, so I hid as everyone else did. I refused to speak out when I knew I should have. Yet no matter how much that reflection wherefrom I came I canst change it; It is my past. I hate it! I hate that part of myself: and that cowardly part. Yet I love the earth I came from, and the people I knew there truly did their best, with what they knew. Yet there was a greater agenda in the minds of those who were orchestrating what led us all to leave through the portal. Though we the masses, didn’t know that agenda then, we surely know it now: and to think all that bloodshed… just to hide that we all live in an ocean governed by elite mortal men and women who bid and buy domed terrariums to rule over: to make into their own Queendoms/Kingdoms. Learning what we learned mocked everything we held sacred.

The more we learned, the more of ourselves was ripped from the core of our minds and hearts. We were left with a truth that was more painful to live with than any blistering sore. Yet the few of us who survived, making our way into this new earth trying to blend in, we became hermits. We struggled to stay away from the majority, still hiding; hiding as we did in our old earth. I suppose some habits are harder to break than others.

I am not sure which is the greater wolf within me that’s being fed: the one that longs for freedom from this new earth and returning to the old earth or the angry wolf, longing for the taste of blood, by the very veins of the wretched defiled men and women who lie to their people about our real freedom of movement infringed upon by the guise of liberty. Yet, here I sit: An old man typing these words to strangers in a new land, I simply think I will never be able to call my own. And for what? I do not seek pity or remorse. I do however seek to pass on a small bit of information: information that can very well awaken you to the truth of where you live. And if it is too much to handle, I will understand.

Simply think of me as that weird person typing to you from an unknown hand; That is fine. Yet for the few who can see and hear beyond the surface dwelt programmings, there is a deeper, greater, more real truth than all other truths. And even that statement will be scoffed at by self-proclaimed philosophers, who will say there are not any absolutes. Yet the absolute truth is harder to bear than a millennium of lies. Yet I am not here to call any of you cowards, for I am the greater of all cowards in my own mind. You may be stronger than we were on our old earth. You may be able to make a stand, that we were all too weak and blinded by pride to ever see or do; And if this is true of you, you need to know what exists around you; And I do not mean around you in your mind of thought; I mean around you, literally: around all that you know to be earth.
All of the domed terrariums are all connected via a tunnel that connects each one in consecutive order. They all form a giant spiral-like pattern that: if you were to zoom way out -looking at them all in a macrocosmic view- each domed terrarium can either be ascended or descended. In other words, you either go up or down, deeper into the ocean or up to the surface.

All of the writings ever written regarding the cabala is about this: literally and figuratively. The whole tree of life-The Knowledge of good and Evil (Two Great Trees) all of it, is about what I am sharing here. Yes, yes, yes, we can take any teaching twist it enough and turn it into some pseudo-spiritual agenda or idea for self-preservation or self-entertainment; nothing more than ideas and philosophies meant to brainwash the minds of the weak into thinking they are forever trapped as mortals.

Yet only one of all the domed terrariums are heavily guarded and ruled over by evil mortals. Not all of the domed terrariums are like this one or the one I came from. Who knows for sure, perhaps this domed terrarium is not like the other. Yet I am thinking it is very similar for the suffering I see here is like the suffering was… before we started warring with one another on my old earth. I have heard and seen, many here, speak of believing they live in a simulated reality/world. And for them, that at the very least provides the exact same measure of excuse as it did for those on my old earth, that claimed the earth was flat, with no way out. Every scenario they outlined ended in being trapped by a wall of ice, that there was no escape from. Same goes for the those who take the road of simulation: still trapped with no way out. All these views, are by desperate minds brainwashed in to being trapped: regardless of the way out imagined.

Programs cannot overcome the code of the program, that enables the mind to think it is a mind, and not a program. Yet there is a way out! Not that you would ever act on this knowing: for if you are truly from here you may actually love it here. And for you, this is your home. Yet, if you were to ever be offered to go to a new earth, please remember my words to you this night. If you decide to go… this earth you now know, will become your old earth. Yet what will you do if you are not given a choice and you simply awake surrounded by faces you know you should know: yet everyone’s behavior has changed, their habits have changed, their likes and dislikes have changed, their allergies have changed, their bodies have changed, the sound of their voices have changed.
How long will it take you to wake up to the knowing, that you are not on your old earth anymore? Some of us are going through that very mental emotional crisis as I just explained. People swearing they live in some alternate reality, some parallel universe. Yet if you never know what the truth is: always ask this question.. and if the answer is a no way out scenerio.. the answer is the lie. I use to hold firmly to all of the “no-way-out-philosophies”. Yet now that I have seen with mine own eyes, that those were created to keep us entrapped: to rob all of us of our pioneering desire to explore, within me grew a desire. I desire to share it with those who might have the eyes and ears to understand. I am too old to travel the whole of this new world and learn of its new/similar ways. Yet as age and treachery will always overcome youth and vitality, so will the memories of being loved overcome the sadness of having no one to claim being loved by: in the present.

We each drench ourselves in the memories we choose to cling to from our past, that way we may feel like we all belong to something greater than deception, lies, and trickery. Yet in the end, all we have is what we see and feel, as we experience the idea of what our bodies are. Whoever you are, wherever you are, you were either created to serve or created to comfort. If you are from here, your life is destined for comfort; so why then do you choose to live as slaves. I did not understand it when I saw it happening on my old earth, and I do not understand it here. Yet a coward I was there and I am struggling to not be that same coward here. I am tired of saying, “I’m sorry” to the memories of my loved ones.

I just looked at the time, my-my-my how the times flies when we are not thinking about ourselves. Be well, and may the light of what you seek be the real fulfillment in what you attain. I shall be signing off here. And for those who might have seen what I’ve written here, you are more special than I. So please live what you are, and not what others would claim you to be in the shadows of their own insecurities.

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