A Reason To Fly

A Reason To Fly

A Reason To Fly

Upon of Which I might convince
Myself that i can write
Would surely be the day of whence
The Blue had left the sky

So for now I’ll just pretend
While I linger on these words
And if you wish, while you read along
Imagine…that you’re a bird.

A bird that has a 3-foot span
Stretching out from tip to tip
And far below you see a man
Watching you ride the wind

And over yonder…While you Ponder
The beauty of being so high
Looking back you notice that
Miles…have passed you by

Then to a glistening graceful glide
You land upon a cliff
From where you look upon the skies
Seeing other birds high adrift

Then suddenly with a forward lean
Your Wings catch the Winds
And again you’re off into the air
But higher than you’ve ever been

Then with your wondrous Wings and Chest
You Soar miles back from whence you left
To find yourself slowing down
To land upon…your twig built nest

Then with Lightning instinct diving speed
To the ground you catch a worm
Soon thereafter you’re back in flight again
Re-climbing the winds to your Nesting perch

Then after that…in your nest you sat
For a break…that’s well deserved
And slowly returning back upon this page
Ruffling your feathers – You became the Bird

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