Fractured Mind

Fractured Mind

Holy mother Isis can you hear me
Mother Isis thou Art holy
Can you hear me
I cry out to you dear mother
Can you hear me
a snap, a twitch, a sound, give me something
Let me know, that you are there
Anything, dear mother, please anything
Anything will do, just show me
please Isis, my lady Queen
Let me know that you are here

It all started, long ago
Far back beyond the ancient times
a dreamer dreampt within her mind
a baby, a baby, or was it a baby, to be reborn
Autumn, Spring, Summer, and then there was snow
I can find it somewhere here in all those fairy tale rhymes
The way it went for her, as if she was in a show
They were there all standing, hunched over their mic
Skelatons in robes, on a huge half round wide stage
Whilst a Skelly in da back, was giving a rhythm to a drum
And all the skellies out front, began to move
Many many books opened, yet no one turned the page

why would they, cause they were all transfixed
On the skellies out front moving to the off-beat and hum
With a compass in hand, yet no Needle to guage
Which direction they be goin, it was cool and looked wrong
The Skellies kept groovin to that amazing song

Please dear Isis, give me a sign
Show unto me you are there, that you can hear me
There’s nothing more than you that I want to find
would you mind, my own mind, please stop it, set me free
I’m trying to reach Isis, for you, for us, yet mostly for me

That drumming and the humming the Skellies kept dancing
It was an amazing sight for anyone to see
Back and forth on the stage as if they were prancing
Each one to the beat dancing with a slap, the off-beat, to the knee
People from everywhere were making it there, to be there
Wilst snow was fallin from every tree, and other tree

In honor of the Zephyrs of the Air, I light this incense for you
And for the Undines I pour the water into this glass small
And I stir the earth in a shot-glass, the shades and warms, the color blue
I bid all gnomes and trolls hello, Please come now, to help me call!
And the Salamanders Hello, your voices like a choir, I light this candle for you

Come One, come all, I Call to the many!
Every sprig, every sprug, and to every sprite
This time pass every Quarter, Nickle, Dime, and Penny
Please come join me on this cool cloudless night

With the Pointer and Middle of my Right Hand
I carve into the air Sigils, Seals, and Names
Their voices upon my tongue I bear the sounds, as I breathe out and in
I do this standing and sometimes sitting
As if those two fingers were my Occultic Sword, I stand
I start with the direction of the cycle, anticipaing the coming soon
I face the East then to the South and then to the West and North
With Chalice in hand, I bid Toast to each direction,
Whilst arm extended upwards I give toast, unto the Moon

And with With glossy eyes reflecting the rising smoke from the incense aflame
From the Chalice I raise unto my mouth and I drink of her name
As the Soft soothing flavor of the sweet cherry Wine takes me deeper into state
If I the strength and courage of will, I could say I overcame
So of Earth Fire Water and Air I place the heart of a cow upon the plate

With a black marker i spell out the name of whomever has wronged me
I write it upon the Cow’s heart as I remember the pain they caused me
With stainless steal pins I trace each letter of their name to be
as I cover all the black ink of the marker with each Pin, all pins to see
I willl bind their soul from their body their spirit not free

Graven Wolf Guardsman come to me now quickly
Bid me the snarl and growl from behind those teeth
I have a message for someone that will grow sickly
As I push each Pin through the ink, into the heart beneath

Rally the crying, yelling, and moans of every wicked sound
And capture it and bind it to this heart taken from a squirrel
No repercussions come back to me, into the squirrels heart instead
For round me the yoke of light and protective ground
As I steadily hold in my left hand the opal shape of a Pearl
The light in whom hath harmed me, this by morning will be dead

Isis my dear loving moither, Grace be ever upon thee
Please awake, from wherever you are, and come unto me, to be with me
Take of my light and life to give you strength that you may come
Manifest, Manifest, Manifest, Do What I will thee, that it may be done

This is Warming Cloud calling out to Cooling Cloud
What say you come on over with each gust and hiss of the wind
And I’ll try harder this time your direction to not plunder
Whilst the heat of the sun covers us as if it were a protective shroud
We could come together forever like some lovebirds in Sin
As our temperatures rise and fall we’d give birth to Thunder
Upon the mic a Skelly was makin a beat with his chin

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