We Are Who we’ve Been Waiting For

We Are Who we’ve Been Waiting For

I will make this very clear! I’ts too late for the incessant groveling and moaning of despair and the pretentious avalanche of emotions that claims woe is me, for you, for me, for us. Woe is everyone! Okay, I get it! We Hurt! Sadness and depression had its run, and its course was true, yet that is done and is over. Okay, maybe it’s not over for you. And if it is not over for you, then go somewhere safe and quiet and get your cry-on, and let the painful Weeping be a purification of the mind and heart: then be done with it. Don’t just sit, lay, or stand there groveling over it. You must move on from it! You must get back up or change your posture assuring your body and mind that you have let go of at least some part of it. You must transmute that grief into a force of reforming passion, understaning, forgiveness, and/or a driving ambition. You must surrender to knowing that whatever caused it to begin with is outside your immediate circle of influence. And most importantly it is not an issue of blame or fault. Let it go! It is not easy for everyone to surrender and let it go. It is very real for you, for them, and for each person that goes through it. We are all going to inevitably experience some form of sadness. And for some of us no matter which proverbial radio station we switch to it is a song that consistently plays in the background. Yet it is possible to thank it for what it teaches us. It is possible to allow it to become inspiration that propels us into the motion of moving forward, no matter how slow that movement may be. There is no rule that claims that we are not allowed to continue using sadness or grief as an excuse for continuing to procrastinate against moving onward and upward, into a realm where we might have a greater responsibility and along with it a greater power of which we are responsible for wielding. So get up, dust yourself off, and though the sadness is real, and still there, do not let it consume you with the weight and burdens of a thousand sorrows, that it has.

It is now time for setting thought into motion by taking action upon what we currently know. No, we do not have to know all there is to know about what we are up against or facing before making a stand against it. Though yes, it would help to have as much information as possible before charging in to territories unknown where ambushes can be placed anywhere. Yet not knowing is not a big enough reason or excuse for not aggressively moving forward against that which we know to be responsible for holding us back under the rules, statues, and/or laws of oppression and Indentured servitudes masked neath the pseudo-patriotic guise of defending a fictitious Liberty. With the proper preparations and training we can defend ourselves accordingly no matter the direction our opposition takes. What is it though that I am talking about that we will be facing? I am talking about facing any person and or thing that would seek to stop us from fully enacting our motion of movement as we literally venture onward and upward out and away from the lands we have already discovered. I am talking about an expedition that I personally refer to as being a Righteous Expedition. Yet no expedition, righteous or not, is worthy of any movement towards it if we cannot all come to a census of agreement that that movement is to be made together as a whole. Each of us doing our own due dillegence in exercising what power we have through the talents and gifts we have, to forge the path that we together will be traveling.

And for those who would claim they have no talent or gift, be supportive of those that do, and make it your mission to use your thoughts, words, deeds, and actions to be an active part of the movement, and I assure you, you will discover what your talents and gifts are along the way. We must band together as One Mind, One Body, One Heart, One force if we are to succeed in overcoming any obstacle that we may face. It is within the power of each and every one of us to overthrow every proverbial ounce of doubt and negative sounding self-talk that would seek to diminish our choice of movement towards a better version of our former selves.

The way in which it has traditionally been done before is you would undergo an evaluation process that can last anywhere from one interview, to examining every detail of your life, and analyzing each of the choices you made along the way. And then, and only then, would you be approached as a candidate for becoming a prospective member of that Secret society, Group, Organization, Business, Club, Gang, affiliation, Tribe, Order, Circle, Coven, Sisterhood, and/or Brotherhood that is interested in you joining them. And by that tradition someone within the ranks of those would reach out to you and seek to recruit you.

This may reek of some religious pursuit, cultic demise, or some politically based agenda. Yet I assure you, for what it is worth, it is not! This is simply me reaching out to you, to them, to others, to anyone whom might be able to hear what I am saying as you read these words: It is a calling for us to come together as one, for one sole purpose: Forging a better tomorrow that today might be found full of aspirations and ideals that we have formulated in such a way that any and all differences that may have been there before, are set aside, so that we as a People today can awake the next day knowing that each day moving forward that we refuse to settle for anything short of the greatenss of peace and unconditional love and Unconditonal Acceptance that we all deserve, for we are worthy. Yes, we are worthy! You are worthy!

So, whether we are leaders or followers let us come together and visit with one another with an openness of our skills, attributes, and any other important factor that we can offer of ourselves for this cause.

Let us start by making a pledge, oath, and vow to one another that we will never intentionally seek to cause the other any harm, belittlement, or pain in any form whatsoever. Let us agree that within such a pledge, oath and vow, that we will always uphold one another and do all that we can to be the sister, brother, and/or friend that we promise to be. May the cadence of our movement through the rhythm of our passion, compassion, and love become that which backs the songs of our giving and support of one another. Let our Song be heard for generations to come as we be now who we’ve been waiting for. Let us together be the miracle in other people’s lives as we embrace each individual to the fullness that they are willing to receive and reciprocate with us as one People. together we can make a difference! Let us start with the basics; Let us start with the bare necessities and move onward from there. What does our neighbor need? What can we do to help them? Not just words to throw at an empty wall in our mind. Yet words that we act upon by taking action through a positively charged movement.

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