A Mortal’s Love

A Mortal’s Love

Shadows cast will play at the light of a smile

Whilst thoughts shall run to and fro

And creep therein a burden the trial

The heart to question what the mind doth know

Most would bend and sulk or frown

Whilst eyesight fallen towards the ground

Doth stop the seeing of the passing sun

A day ruined to grief could the smile hath won

Why wait till the time when grief is the hour

And pain doth torment the thoughts of regret

Too late you say: all tired and spent

The taste of life all bitter and sour

And the burning needs to know the touch

That taunts the heart into solemn repose

Overwhelmed by passion, Love’s too much

You will simply run, run, and run again

For No country side nor even the city

Will hold you captive from what you try to hide

As if to be in perfect stride

Go then far away from me-

Go then now, into the shadows of your pity

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